Sharing your Netflix account

Netflix are introducing some changes to stop account holders sharing their account with people outside of their household.

A Netflix account is meant to be shared by people living together in one household.

Key Information

If the new password sharing policy from Netflix is causing a problem, you'll need to speak to Netflix directly.

What's a Netflix Household?

A Netflix Household is a collection of the devices connected to the internet at the main place you watch Netflix.

The household can be set using a TV. All other devices that use the Netflix account on the same internet connection as this TV will automatically be part of your Netflix Household.

Using someone else's Netflix account / Sharing Netflix with others

People who are not in your household (the Netflix Household) might have problems accessing Netflix or signing up for their own Netflix account.

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How do you pay for your Netflix?

Transfer a Netflix profile

You can transfer your viewing history, My List, recommendations, saved games, settings and more to a new Netflix account.

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