Setting up Dolby Digital Plus (Dolby Atmos)

What is Dolby Digital Plus (Dolby Atmos)?

Dolby Atmos enables height information within an audio mix so individual sound elements can be precisely placed and moved within a three dimensional space, creating a more immersive sound mix on selected Ultra HD content.

What's available?

Dolby Atmos is currently available on live Ultra HD broadcasts of English Premier League matches, selected Ultra HD Sky Cinema downloads and at times, selected Box Sets from Sky One and Sky Atlantic (if you have the Sky Signature or Sky Ultimate TV packages).

Dolby Atmos, where available, will be mentioned in the programme synopsis area as seen below:


Dolby Atmos is not available via TV apps on Sky Q, such as Disney+, Netflix etc. If you want to experience Dolby Atmos while using these, you'll need to switch to the app on your Smart TV.

What do I need to listen to Dolby Digital Plus (Dolby Atmos)?

You'll need a:

  • Dolby Atmos system
  • Sky Q 2TB or Sky Q 1TB UHD box
  • Sky Q Ultra HD add on or Sky Q experience subscription

Dolby Atmos audio services will only be available on selected Ultra HD content.

Enable the setting

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote, select Settings, and then Setup.
  2. Choose Audio Visual, then Digital audio output HDMI and set it to Dolby Digital Plus.

Once enabled you'll receive Dolby Atmos enabled content (where available) if you're connected via HDMI to a sound system that supports Dolby Atmos.

Possible Problems:

When Dolby Digital Plus is enabled, Optical Output will be disabled.

If your Sky Q box is connected to a system that does not support Dolby Digital Plus you may experience a loss of sound or when listening the mix may not sound as intended.

If you experience any of these issues we recommend the HDMI digital audio setting is set to Dolby Digital or Normal.

Example of Dolby Atmos sound setups