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Roaming Passports

There are two Sky Mobile Roaming Passports available:

  • Roaming Passport – roam in over 30 EU and EEA destinations at no extra cost.
  • Roaming Passport Plus – access your UK data plan in 10 worldwide destinations for £5 for 24 hours.

To turn roaming off

  • To temporarily turn off data roaming, go to phone support and search for ‘Switch off data when abroad’. If you can’t see a ‘data roaming’ option on your phone you may only be able to turn off data roaming when you’re outside of the UK. 
  • When you’re outside of the EU, to help ensure you don’t use data roaming abroad, turn off mobile data. Go to phone support and search for ‘enable or disable mobile data’.
  • To turn off roaming, so you can’t use data, calls and texts while abroad (outside of the EU), please contact us.

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