Roaming Passports

Whether you’re relaxing in Spain or exploring downtown New York, you can use your phone in many holiday destinations with our Roaming Passports.

  • Roaming Passport – roam in over 30 European (EU / EEA) destinations at no extra cost.

  • Roaming Passport Plus – access your UK data, calls and texts plan in 12 far-away holiday destinations for £6 for 24 hours.

You can also use your phone or tablet in over 100 other worldwide destinations (destinations not covered by our Roaming Passports). For the full list of roaming destinations and charges, see the Sky Mobile Tariff Guide.

If you want to roam outside of Europe (EU / EEA), you won't be able to if your monthly spend cap is set too low - our Roaming Passport Plus costs £6 per 24 hours. To set and change your spend cap, go to

Save money for your holiday

To help avoid any surprise phone bills when you get home, set a monthly spend cap for any extra out of plan charges. This lets you control how much you spend on each SIM on your account at home or abroad.