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  • Roaming is automatically enabled for Sky Mobile customers so you can use your data, calls and texts while you're abroad.
  • With Sky's Roaming Passport, you can roam in more than 30 EU and EEA destinations at no extra cost. Find out more about Roaming Passport.
  • Each SIM on your account has a data roaming spend cap of £42 per month, so you'll never spend more on data than you want to when you roam outside of the EU.

Before you travel

Using voicemail abroad

  • You’ll need to set up a voicemail PIN in the UK before travelling abroad. To do this, call your voicemail (dial 759) and follow the simple instructions.
  • To access voicemail abroad dial +44 7488 222 000 (roaming call charges to UK landlines apply when calling from non-EU destinations).
Destinations and roaming charges
  • To check the roaming charges for your destination, see our Sky Mobile Tariff Guide.

  • There may be some rare occasions where our services won’t work for you whilst you’re abroad; to check the current service availability in a particular destination before you travel check the Sky Mobile Tariff Guide or contact us.

Useful info and tips

To turn roaming off

  • To turn off data roaming temporarily, go to phone support and search for ‘Switch off international data roaming’.
  • To turn off roaming so you can’t use data, calls and texts while abroad (outside of the EU) please contact us.

Contacting Sky from abroad

  • Call +44 131 278 3778

Calls to Sky contact centres on 0044 131 278 3778 are free for Sky Mobile customers calling from abroad.

If you’re not with Sky Mobile charges may apply for calls to 01 numbers. Check your provider’s tariff guide.

Having problems while you're abroad?

  • If you have access to Wi-Fi, you may be able resolve your roaming problem online with our diagnostic help steps

Accidental roaming

  • Mobile phone signals can sometimes be picked up across country borders.
  • If your phone picks up the signal of a different provider when you’re near a border, then you may be charged roaming rates.
  • To help avoid this, check the name of the network provider on your phone before using it and turn off data roaming in your phone’s settings.

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