Returning Sky Q equipment

When your subscription with Sky Q comes to an end, you’ll need to return the equipment. This is because, unlike previous Sky boxes, Sky Q equipment remains the property of Sky.

Returning equipment includes things you’re no longer using because of downgrades or upgrades, as well as faulty equipment that needs to be replaced.

Here’s a quick guide on how to return Sky Q equipment to us.

How to return the equipment

This will depend on your situation. But in each situation, the returns process is free and easy.

1.     Replacing your equipment

Replacing a faulty Hub

If you need a replacement Sky Q Hub we’ll simply post one out to you, together with packaging to return the faulty one.

If you’re in the UK, you’ll also be able to return the faulty Sky Q Hub by giving it to the courier as long as it’s prepacked.

Replacing a Sky Q 1TB box, Sky Q 2TB box or a Sky Q Mini box

If you need to replace a Sky Q 1TB box, Sky Q 2TB box or Sky Q Mini box we can arrange for an engineer to replace your faulty item.

Please note: You will need to return the faulty equipment to the engineer to ensure they are able to offer a replacement. 

2.    Upgrading your equipment

If you’re upgrading your Sky Q equipment, and this requires an engineer visit (e.g. home move plus upgrade), then you also need to give your old Sky Q equipment to the engineer.

3.     Ending your Sky Q service

If all or some of your Sky services end, you may need to return the relevant equipment to us by post. 

For example, if you leave Sky Q, you'll need to return all of your Sky Q boxes. If you downgrade from the Sky Q Multiscreen pack to the Sky Q bundle, you'll need to return any Sky Q Mini boxes. If you're a Sky Q customer and you end your Sky Broadband service, you may need to return your Sky Q Hub.

We'll send out packaging to your address, with instructions on what needs to be returned and when it needs to be returned by. Find out how to pack your equipment by reading our PDF below.

Sky Q packing instructions (PDF 1314KB)

We’ll send you a text message when the packaging has been sent.

When you’ve packed the equipment and attached the prepaid postage labels, simply drop it off at your local post office where one of our couriers will pick it up. Make sure you keep the postage receipt as proof of post.

As soon as our courier has collected the package we’ll send you a confirmation email. We’ll only contact you again if you haven’t returned the correct equipment.

Please note: This process is the same for all customers, even those who have cancelled within their cooling off period.

What will happen if you don’t return the equipment

If you’ve cancelled your services, you’ll have 90 days from when your service ends to return the equipment or 50 days if your services are cancelled by Sky on account of falling into debt – you can find the exact date within your returns packaging. If you don’t return it on time, you may have to pay a Non-Return Charge.

You’ll also need to pay this charge if you’ve either lost the equipment or if it’s been stolen. You may be able to claim this charge back on your home insurance.

See more information on the Non-Return Charge.

Please note: Not returning your equipment may affect your credit score.

Different ways to return your equipment

If you lose or damage the packaging or returns label that we post to you, you can send your return back to us in three ways:


  1. Package your equipment, ensuring all original equipment is included.
  2. Create and print a Collect+ return label then attach it to your parcel.
  3. Find your local Collect+ store and drop it off for collection.
  4. Keep the receipt as proof of return and use it to track your return online.


  1. Create and print a return label and either choose Post Office drop off, or Driver to collect, then enter the preferred date and time for it to be collected.
  2. Fill in your details and include the reason in the Special instructions section, e.g, faulty Sky Q Hub or unwanted Sky Q remote.
  3. When you select Validate, your return label will open in a separate window. Any pop-up blockers installed will need to be disabled to access your return label.
  4. Package your equipment, ensuring all original equipment is included.
  5. If dropping off at your local Post Office, make sure you ask for a proof of postage for your records.

Order more packaging

Sign in to Manage and order more packaging. When you receive your packaging, follow the enclosed instructions and send it back to us.

Please note: You must return the equipment as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary charges. Not returning your equipment may affect your credit score.

How to contact the Accessibility team

If you're registered with Sky’s Accessibility team and require additional support to return your equipment, please contact our dedicated Accessibility Customer Service Team.

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