Responsible disclosure

Sky recognises the important contribution of the security research community. If you believe you've found a security issue and would like to tell us about it, please follow the process below:

What to report

Please only report security issues relating to Sky networks, services, or systems.

Key Information

We’re not able to deal with customer support queries like billing, broadband, phone, or TV issues via this page.

If you have any problems with your Sky services (including accessing your account), try our online help:

For Sky product or service problems, go to: Sky Help

For scam calls, emails, or texts, go to: Scam calls, emails or texts

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Only report issues such as, but not limited to: XSS, XXE, CSRF, SQLi, Local or Remote File Inclusion, authentication issues, remote code execution, authorisation issues and privilege escalation. Please don't include any Sky-internal data with your report.

Why report

We want to ensure that Sky's services continue to be as secure as possible so we'll review your report quickly. Once you've submitted your report you'll receive a message to confirm receipt and the next steps.

Key Information

Just so you know, customer support queries like billing, broadband, phone, or TV issues will not receive a response.

How to report

By submitting a report to Sky, you agree to keep the subject matter of the report, as well as all subsequent related conversations with Sky, strictly confidential. This is so we have the opportunity to investigate and take action as needed.

Use the button below to submit your report via Bugcrowd: