Parental controls on Sky Mobile

To help keep kids safer online, 18+ rated websites are automatically blocked when you’re connected to the Sky Mobile network.

Using Wi-Fi? Then parental controls won't apply. But your broadband provider or public Wi-Fi provider might have other settings or filters.

Parental control settings

Each SIM can have different settings - turn it off for yourself and keep it on for the kids.

To turn off parental controls and allow 18+ rated websites, you'll need to verify that you're over 18 by entering credit card details. You might be asked to make a £1 payment. But don't worry, the £1 will be added to your next bill as a credit. Each time you turn it off, you'll need to verify your age again by entering credit card details.

Turn off parental controls

You'll need a credit card and you'll need to be the account holder to do this.

Change parental controls

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