Your Sky Broadband data usage allowance

Our usage allowances set a limit for the amount of data you can use on Sky Broadband per month.

If you're a Sky Broadband Unlimited, Sky Fibre Unlimited, Sky Fibre Max or Sky Fibre Pro customer you don't have to worry about usage allowances.

How can I check my broadband usage?

  1. Online, or
  2. Open the My Sky app and, if you haven’t already, sign in using your Sky iD details. Select Manage account > Broadband & Talk > Broadband usage.

You can see your total monthly allowance, how much of your monthly data usage you’ve used, and the number of days until your next allowance. This information is updated hourly, with a delay of roughly two hours.

Please note: Sky only tracks your usage and doesn’t monitor what the data’s being used for.

What if I go over my allowance?

We’ll let you know via email to the email address you gave us or to your address. Need to change your email address?

If you go over your allowance twice within a six-month period, we'll automatically move you to the next package up which will give you a higher usage allowance. If you go over your allowance again within six months of being auto-upgraded, you’ll be upgraded again, and so on.

You can then downgrade your package after one month – enough time to assess if the new usage allowance is right for you.

If we’ve told you you've gone over an allowance that’s different to the one advertised for your package, this may be due to a recent change to your Sky Broadband package or the day you pay your subscription. In this case, your usage allowance will be pro-rated to the appropriate amount.

What can affect my usage?

Any connection to the internet through your Sky Hub will count towards your monthly data usage allowance. This includes:

  • Surfing the web and online gaming.
  • Downloading songs and films.
  • Watching video sites e.g. YouTube, or listening to radio online.
  • Receiving or sending emails.
  • Making calls on e.g. Skype.
  • Uploading photos and videos.
  • Using Sky on Demand or Sky Go, if you’re a Sky TV customer.

If, over time, you’re using the internet more, the amount of data you use will also increase. So keep an eye on your usage to gauge whether your broadband package is right for you.

Can I set up alerts to tell me I’m reaching my allowance limit?

If you’ve reached 100% of your usage allowance in the last 6 months, we'll automatically send you an email notification when you reach 70% of your monthly usage allowance for the next five months.

However, you can set up manual email alerts here. Just select if you want to be alerted when you reach 50%, 75% or 90% of your allowance.

We’ll email you to the email address you gave us or to your address. Need to change your email address?

What happens if I downgrade from unlimited broadband?

If you downgrade to a product with a monthly usage allowance, depending on the date you downgrade, you may be given a part allowance for the remainder of your billing period.

Why is Sky managing usage allowances?

Our broadband products have clearly defined usage allowances and, as stated within the Sky Broadband Terms and Conditions, we can implement our usage policy at our discretion.

We have usage tools to help you monitor and manage your usage and we upgrade customers to more appropriate packages if they regularly go over their allowance.

We’ll contact you by email if you reach your allowance. If you haven't had an email from us about your usage, there's no need to keep checking online. The majority of our customers are already on the right package, and our usage policy means that others can experience a package better suited to their needs.

Remember, if you’re on the Sky network, we never slow down your internet connection or stop you from using the internet no matter how much you use.

What is Sky’s Traffic Management Policy?

We have made a commitment to a voluntary code of practice which aims to make traffic management easier to understand and compare between providers.

Please read our Sky Broadband Traffic Management Policy for more information.

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