Viewing your Sky bill

You can view your bills online, on your Sky box or in the My Sky app. If you’re visually impaired, you can register your accessibility requirements and get your contract(s), T&Cs, bills, emails and letters in braille, large or easy-to-read print, or on audio CD.

Sky Mobile is billed separately. If you're a Sky Mobile customer, please see our Sky Mobile bill help guide.


  1. Sign in to My Account using your Sky iD. If you don't have a Sky iD, follow the Sign up link.

  2. In the Billing & payments section, go to Latest bill.

We calculate your bill and upload it online 14 days before your payment due date, so you'll be able to see it then.

On your Sky box

Sky+ customers

Your Sky box needs to be connected to an active phone line or broadband service to access this feature.

  1. Press interactive on your Sky remote, highlight My Account, then press select.

  2. Highlight View my Sky bill, press select, then enter your PIN. If you can't remember it, press the yellow button and follow the steps.

    • To view your current bill, highlight My current bill, then press select.

    • To view your next bill, highlight Charges on my next bill, then press select.

    • To view your last 12 months' bills, highlight Bill history, then press select.

  3. Press the red button to exit.

Depending on your Sky+ software version, you may also be able to access your bill by pressing the yellow button on your Sky remote when you're on any live TV channel.

  1. Press the yellow button on your Sky remote, highlight Manage your account, then select Bills and payments.

  2. If you don't have Sky Mobile, skip to step 3. Otherwise highlight either the TV, Broadband & Talk or Mobile tile, then press select to see an overview of your bill.

  3. Use the left and right arrow buttons to see one future and one previous bill. While you're here, you can:

    • Press select while on the overview to see a breakdown of your current bill.

    • Use the up and down arrows to navigate through the the bill list options. Press select for more information and back up to
      close it.

    • Use the right arrows to navigate through the next three months' bills and use the left arrows to see your last 12 months' bills.

    • To pay your bill or make a payment, select Make a Payment.

  4. Press the My Sky Home button to exit.

Sky Q customers

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote and select My Account.

  2. Select Bills, then enter your Sky TV PIN.

  3. Scroll up and down to view previous and future bills or select any tile to view the bill breakdown.

In the My Sky app

  1. Open the My Sky app and, if you haven’t already, sign in using your Sky iD details. (If you’re new to the app, read our My Sky app article to find out more).

  2. Select either TV, Broadband & Talk or Mobile at the bottom navigation bar followed by Latest bill.

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Understanding your Sky bill

Watch the following video or read the information below to better understand the billing process:

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Your payment due date (PDD)

The date your account was activated will also become the monthly Payment Due Date (PDD) unless the account goes active on the 29th, 30th or 31st as not all months have more than 28 days.

Activation datePayment Due Date will be







You can only change your PDD once the first bill is paid. For rules about changing your payment due date, go to Change your payment method or date.

All bills after this are generated 14 days before your PDD. This can lead to either a first billing of one month or two depending on when your account activates.

The earliest we can take payment is 14 days after activation.

Understanding your current Sky bill

When paying a bill, you’re paying in advance for your fixed-price subscriptions such as Sky TV, Sky Broadband, Sky Talk and Sky Line Rental.

If you have any one-off charges, such as call charges, movies from Sky Store or Sky Box Office charges, these will appear on your next bill.

Your Sky bill gives a full breakdown of your services, such as:

  • Your Sky TV subscription, including any multi-screen subscriptions and HD.
  • Your Sky Broadband package.
  • Your Sky Talk line rental, call packages and any additional call charges. You can find a full list of every call made, the duration of each call and to which number and area. This includes national and international calls and calls to mobiles.
  • Any Pay-per-view services like Sky Box Office or Sky Store.
  • Any charges or credit, such as adjustments for offers or discounts.

If your bill amount isn’t what you were expecting, check your bill to see:

  • If any of your Sky subscription offers have come to an end.
  • If you’ve been charged for a Sky Box Office or Sky Store purchase.
  • If you’re a Sky Talk customer, if there are any call charges. You can set up call charge alerts for your account if this is the case.

If you’re still unsure about your bill, please contact us by selecting the Yes button at the bottom of the page.

Understanding your first two Sky bills

Your first bill

You only start paying for your service from the date it becomes active.

Your first payment will be taken 14 days after your service begins. This amount will cover the 14 days used and the remainder of your first month. For example, if your service was activated on 4 July, payment will be taken on 18 July and will cover the period 4 July – 3 August. This means your first bill might be higher than you expect.

Your first bill will be delayed if your services are activated on the 29th or 30th of the month, when that month has 29 or 30 days in it. You won’t be billed until 14 days before your next Payment Due Date and we’ll take payment for your first and second bills at the same time.

If your services are activated on the 29th or 30th of the month and that month has 31 days, you’ll be be billed immediately.

Your second bill

A second payment will be taken approximately 14 days after your first bill was paid, depending on the date you’ve selected your Direct Debit/Credit Card payment to be taken. As payments are made in advance, this will cover your next month’s subscription.

So using the previous example, your second bill payment would be taken on 3 August and will cover services for the period 4 August – 3 September.

You may notice that the dates billed cover more than one month. This is because the second bill will include any services that have become active since the previous payment, such as Sky Broadband or Sky Talk. So if Sky Broadband became active on 18 July, you'll also be billed for the period 18 July – 3 August.

The bill will also include:

  • advance charges like TV subscription, Sky Broadband and Sky line rental.
  • any Sky Box Office movies or events.
  • calls not included in the Sky Talk package.

Payment for the third bill will be taken on the normal payment due date.

Understanding your bills after moving home

When you move home, there'll be some changes to your first bills after you're all settled at you new address. They'll work in a similar way to your very first bills after you joined Sky. Depending on which products you've got, they might be slightly different.

Broadband and Talk

When we book your home move, your Sky Broadband and Talk services will stop at your old address. Because you pay in advance, we'll refund any payments you've already made for that month.

When you're all up and running at your new address, we'll start billing you again. The first bill after you've moved will include the charges from the date you broadband and talk is activated again up to your next payment due date, then for the month in advance.

  • We'll let you know about any installation charges, or changes to your broadband and talk package costs when we book your home move. You'll also get an email or letter to confirm this.


Your Sky TV service won't stop when you move home, so you can carry on watching your favourite shows and movies on Sky Go. You TV billing will carry on as normal.

If you made any changes to your TV package when you booked your home move, we'll bill you from that date up to your next payment due date, then for the month in advance.

Take a look at this video to see how upgrading your package affects your bill:

Fees and charges that may appear on your bill

Fees and charges that may appear on your bill include:

  • If you don’t pay your bill by your payment due date, we may charge a £10 late payment fee* and any costs we incur when recovering debt on your account. Your Sky services could also be restricted.

  • If you don’t have enough money in your account, and the payment is cancelled or not cleared by your bank, we’ll have to ask your card provider to reverse the payment. Cancelling this payment will incur a chargeback fee by your card provider so we may pass this on to you. The current Visa and Mastercard chargeback fee* is £7.50 for each chargeback. 

If you incur any fees they’ll be shown on your next bill but we won't charge you, restrict your services or instruct a debt collection company without contacting you first.

* VAT won't be applied to this fee.

Billing correspondence

All bills we send to you will detail the full amount you'll pay, including the value of any offers on your account.

When your first Sky service is activated, we'll send a letter or email confirming the monthly charges, the period the bill covers, and when we'll take the first payment.

Bill Reminders

All new customers will be sent a bill reminder of the amount due and their payment due date, covering their first three months. These will be sent by text message or email.

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