Getting the most from Music and Radio on Sky Q

Sky Q is the new home of music with our new Music Destination page!

Search music channels, what’s on now, radio stations, music apps and of course, play your own music to your Sky Q box using Airplay or Bluetooth.

To access the Music Destination page, press Home on your Sky Q remote, scroll down to Music and press Select. If you're using a Sky Q Voice remote, press the Voice Control button and say "Music".

What's in the Music Destination page

Music destination page

In the menu bar, you'll find:

Top picks
Radio stations
Tv guide for music content
Playlists, podcasts, and more


Here you will find your Sky Q Music Apps all in one place. To find out more about what these apps have to offer, click on the name of the app.


Your Music

Here you can play your own music from your device via AirPlay or Bluetooth. For more information on how to set this up or if you're having any issues using this feature, click HERE.

Learn more about Radio channels

How to find, record, rewind, fast-forward and pause radio, as well as information about the radio guide.

Finding and recording radio channels


  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote and select Music or, hold down the Voice Control button and say "Music".
  2. Scroll down to Radio channels.
  3. Select the radio channel you want to listen to or press the R (Record) button to record a show.

TV Guide

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote and select TV Guide.
  2. Scroll up and select Radio.
  3. You'll see a grid displaying all the available radio stations, along with schedules for the next 7 days. Scroll down to see more stations and move right to see future programmes.
  4. Select the radio channel you want to listen to or press the R (Record) button to record a show.

When listening to a radio station all you will see on screen is a logo of the radio channel, no other information is displayed such as time or date, but simply press select and additional detail will be displayed.

Unfortunately, you can't series link radio programmes at this time but we're working on it.

Rewind, fast-forward and pause

When on a radio channel:

  • Press Rewind or Fast-Forward to go back and forward through a a live or recorded show.
  • Repeated presses will increase the speed of the rewind/fast-forward.
  • If using a Sky Q touch remote, you can swipe and hold Rewind or Fast-Forward to increase the speed more quickly.
  • Press Play / Pause ​to pause a show at any time and then again to resume.

Radio channels