Fixing problems with Audio Description

If AD isn’t working properly, first, make sure that AD is turned on and available for the show or movie you’re trying to watch. There’ll be an AD in the programme information if AD is available.

Need help checking if AD is available for a show or switching it on? Check out our guides to Finding shows and movies with Audio Description and Switching on Audio Description.

Try another programme

Still nothing? Check another programme with AD to see if it’s working. If it is, there may be a temporary broadcast issue with the show you’re trying to watch.

Key Information

Top tip: If AD is missing from an individual programme, you can contact the individual broadcaster. If Sky’s the broadcaster, you can contact us.

Restart your Sky box, Sky Glass TV or Sky Stream puck

If AD isn’t working on any programme:

  1. Press the standby button on your Sky remote (located on the top left of your Sky Q/Sky Glass/Sky Stream remote, or top right of your Sky+ remote).
  2. Switch off your Sky box, Sky Glass TV or Sky Stream puck at the mains.
  3. Wait a couple of minutes, then switch it back on at the mains.
  4. Wait at least 4 minutes, then press standby on your remote to switch your Sky box, TV or Sky Stream puck back on. If you're a Sky Q customer, simply wait at least 5 minutes for your screen to go blank, then press Home (located directly below the down arrow).

Most features will work straight away, but Search, TV Guide and the Planner may take a few minutes to return.

Once your Sky box, Sky Glass or Sky Stream puck has restarted, try the AD again. If it’s still not working, contact us for more help.

Key Information

Audio Description is not currently available:

  • For On Demand or Sky Store content
  • In the Sky Go app, except on recordings on iOS devices. For more help, read our guide to switching on audio description.
  • In the Sky Kids app