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Broadband set up

Find and change your Wi-Fi password

If you've forgotten your Wi-Fi password or you want to change it, see the options below or follow the instructions in the palm of your hand using the My Sky app. Download it free, today*.

*Compatible device and 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi required (charges may apply). App features and functions vary by platform/device. See iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

  • I've forgotten my Wi-Fi password

    You can find your Wi-Fi password/network security key on the back or underside of all Sky Hubs and on the Connect card or Keep me handy card that came in the Sky Hub packaging.

    Make sure you always enter your password in capital letters. The password doesn't contain any numbers. If you’re asked for a PIN then enter this instead of the password.

    Or if you've previously changed your password/network security key and can't remember it follow the steps below.

  • How do I change/reset my Wi-Fi password?

    Please note: when you change or reset your password, all wireless devices will be immediately disconnected. To reconnect, you'll need to enter your new password into each device. If you reset your router, you’ll lose any personalised router settings.

    To change your Wi-Fi password:

    Watch our help video or follow the instructions below.

    Make sure you're connected to your Sky Broadband home network.

    1. Open a new web browser window.
    2. In the address bar, type and press Enter.
    3. Select Change Wireless Password in the right hand menu.  Or select Wireless settings, Setup or Wireless depending on your router type.
    4. Enter the default router settings username and password in lowercase.

      Username: admin
      Password: sky

      If these log in details don’t work you’ll need to reset your Sky router. See below for instructions.

    5. Enter the new Network Key (wireless password) you want to use.
    6. Select Apply to save your new settings.
    7. Reconnect all your devices using your new wireless password.

    To reset your Wi-Fi password:

    Watch our help video or follow the instructions below.

    If you can't access your Sky Broadband home network we recommend you change your password online by connecting your computer or laptop to your Sky Hub using an Ethernet cable and following the steps above.

    If you don't have access to a computer or laptop or can't set up a wired connection you can reset your Sky Hub to the default settings.

    1. Press and hold Reset for at least five seconds on your Sky Hub.
    2. Your password will now be the default password that can be found on the back or underside of your Hub.
    3. Reconnect all your wireless devices using the default password.

Please note: to find out how to change your Sky Hub's password, read our Managing your Sky Hub article.

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