Switching on subtitles

Turning on subtitles on your Sky box

To turn on subtitles using your remote while watching live TV:

  • Press ? (question mark) on your Sky Q remote and press select to toggle subtitles On or Off
  • Press help on your Sky+ remote and press the left or right arrow to toggle subtitles On or Off, then press select to save the setting
  • Press the subtitles button on a Sky Q accessibility or Sky Easy Grip remote and turn subtitles on or off by pressing select
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Top tip: Got a Sky Q remote with Voice Control? Press and hold the voice button and say “Turn subtitles on” into the microphone.

Once you’ve turned on subtitles, they’ll continue to appear on any shows or channels that have them available, until you turn them off.

If you recorded a subtitled show on Sky+, they’ll be included and can’t be turned off in that recording. Sky Q customers can toggle subtitles on and off within recordings.

Subtitles in Ultra HD

Subtitles aren't available for Ultra HD Entertainment or Cinema content. You can, however, watch Ultra HD Sports content with subtitles by following these steps:

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote
  2. Scroll the Sports and select Ultra HD
  3. Select the live programme you want to watch and switch on subtitles.

Subtitles won't work by accessing Ultra HD content via the red button on Sky Sports channels.

Turning on subtitles on Netflix

Want to turn subtitles on for the Netflix app on Sky Q? Select Audio and Subtitles on the programme information page, then select the Subtitles option from the menu. Or, press select while watching a programme on Netflix and turn subtitles on from there.

For more help with subtitles on Netflix, including changing the look of them, head to the Netflix website.

Turning on subtitles on Disney+

Want to turn on subtitles for the Disney+ app on Sky Q? Follow the instructions below.

To turn on subtitles while playing content, please follow these steps:

  1. From within the video player, select the Keyboard icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Select your preferred language for subtitles.

Turning on AD on Disney+

Want to turn AD on for the Disney+ app on Sky Q? From within the video player, select the Keyboard Icon in the right-hand corner of the screen. Then select your preferred language for AD.

Key Information

Subtitles are not available in the Sky Go app, the Sky Kids app or on the Sky Store section of the set top box.

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For more help with subtitles on Sky, read Finding shows or movies with subtitles or Fixing problems with subtitles.

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