Download the Sky router recovery tool

If you live in the UK and your Sky Hub has become corrupted, you can use our recovery tool to get your connection back up and running.

If you have a Sky Q Hub, this has a built-in router recovery so you won’t need to download the recovery tool. If your Sky Q Hub still won't recover itself, please contact us.

To download our recovery tool for the Sky Hub:

1. Connect a computer to the internet using a different connection.

2. Download the recovery tool to the computer or onto a memory stick:

3. Either move the computer into the same room as your Sky Hub or transfer the recovery tool (via memory stick) onto a computer  located in the same room. This is because you'll need to connect the computer to the Sky Hub via an Ethernet cable. 

4. Run the downloaded software on the computer and follow the on screen instructions.

Still having issues with your Sky Hub?