Dealing with nuisance phone calls and texts

What to do if you receive nuisance, malicious or fraudulent calls or texts:

Activate Sky Talk Shield

Once activated, Sky Talk Shield screens every call on any handset in your home and allows you to answer the calls you want or block the ones you don’t.

It’s available for free for Sky Broadband and Sky Talk customers. Go to Sky Talk Shield for more info

Criminal calls

If you're receiving calls of a threatening nature, such as racially motivated threats, or threats of bodily harm or sexual assault, consider contacting the police.

Fraudulent calls

Fraudulent calls, often called scam or ‘vishing’ calls, attempt to gain your personal or financial details over the phone by pretending to be from an official bank or company, or even from ‘Sky’.

If you’ve received a phone call pretending to be from Sky or any other company you can report it. Report it to Action Fraud (UK) or Police Scotland if you live in Scotland, if:

  • Financial or personal details have been given out.
  • You suspect an email or call was a scam or fraudulent (even if you didn’t give out any personal details).
  • Something has been downloaded onto your computer, phone or tablet.

Go to Sky scams and calls for more help and info. Or Take Five to Stop Fraud is a national campaign that offers impartial advice to help prevent fraud.

Nuisance calls

These are less threatening calls, such as sales calls or persistent wrong number.

Want more info on how we and other providers work with Ofcom to reduce Nuisance calls?

Go to Ofcom Memorandum of Understanding Nuisance Calls.