Data roaming spend cap

If you're travelling:

  • Outside of Europe - we’ve set up a data roaming spend cap of £43 per month per SIM to help you stay in control of what you spend while you’re away.

  • In Europe (EU or EEA) – the data roaming spend cap doesn’t apply, as you can use your data, calls and texts in more than 30 European destinations at no extra cost with Roaming Passport.

When you reach the monthly spend cap for data roaming we'll text you to let you know. You won’t be able to use any more data until next month but you'll still be able to make calls and send texts abroad.

Useful info

  • Each SIM on your account has a data roaming spend cap of £43 that resets every month. 
  • The charge for the Roaming Passport Plus 24 hour pass counts towards the data roaming spend cap.
  • We review the data roaming spend cap amount every July.

Turn the data roaming spend cap off or on

The data roaming spend cap is ‘on’ by default. If you need to use more data while you're away, go to My Account > Mobile > Roaming to change your spend cap settings.

If you turn it off, you'll be able to roam freely, so watch out for additional roaming charges.

Using your phone abroad

We recommend using Wi-Fi where you can. To switch Wi-Fi on, go to our device support and search for ‘Enable or disable Wi-Fi’.

For more tips of what to do before you travel or if you’re having trouble while you’re away, check our Roaming article.

More about spend caps

To help avoid a big bill when you come home, you can also set up a monthly spend cap with different limits for each of your SIMs. It stops you spending more than you want to on extra charges outside of your plan, at home or abroad. For more info, go to the Sky Mobile spend caps article.

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