Data roaming spend cap

  • Roaming is automatically enabled for Sky Mobile customers so you can use your data, calls and texts when you’re not in the UK.

  • We’ve set up a data roaming spend cap of £44 per month so you'll never spend more on data than you want to when you're roaming outside of the EU. 

  • If you're roaming within the EU, the data roaming spend cap won't apply as you can roam in more than 30 EU and EEA destinations at no extra cost with Roaming Passport.

Useful info & tips

  • Each SIM on your account has a data roaming spend cap of £44 that resets every month. 

  • This is ‘on’ by default to help you control how much you spend on data while you’re abroad (outside of the EU).

  • We'll let you know when you've reached the monthly spend cap for data roaming but you'll still be able to make calls and send texts abroad.

  • If you need to use more data you can turn it off anytime from your Manage account. If you remove the monthly data roaming spend cap, you’ll be able to roam freely so please be aware of additional charges. See costs for specific destinations in the Sky Mobile Tariff Guide.

  • We recommend using Wi-Fi where possible. To enable Wi-Fi go to our device support and search ‘Enable or disable Wi-Fi’.

  • This data roaming spend cap is reviewed annually in July.

Still need help with data roaming spend caps?