Data roaming spend cap

When you’re travelling outside of the UK, you’ll be charged extra, out of plan charges for using data abroad.

To help you stay in control of your spending while you're away we've set a data roaming spend cap of £45 per month per SIM. This is the most you can spend on data roaming each month (unless you’ve already set up a lower monthly spend cap).

Travelling to the Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands or Isle of Man? The data roaming spend cap doesn't apply in these destinations, as you can use your UK data plan at no extra cost.

How it works

  • £45 data roaming spend cap per SIM per month.
  • It's on automatically, unless you’ve switched it off.
  • It resets every month. 
  • The charge for the Roaming Passport Plus 24-hour pass counts towards the data roaming spend cap.
  • When you reach the £45 limit, you won't be able to use any more out of plan data abroad until next month. But you'll still be able to make calls and send texts abroad.
  • This is separate to any monthly spend caps you've set. If your monthly spend cap is lower than the data roaming spend cap, then all out of plan charges (data, calls and texts) will be restricted, not just data roaming.

Turn the data roaming spend cap off or on

The data roaming spend cap is ‘on’ by default. If you need to use more data while you're away, go to

You can only turn it on/off, you can't change the amount.

If you turn it off, you'll be able to roam freely, so watch out for additional roaming charges.

Using your phone abroad

We recommend using Wi-Fi where you can.

To turn on Wi-Fi:

  1. Go to our Device support.
  2. Search for ‘Enable or disable Wi-Fi’.

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