Changing the screen resolution setting

To pick the best picture resolution for your TV:

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote, then select Settings, followed by Setup.
  2. Select Audio visual, then Picture resolution and select the resolution you want.

Screenshot of Sky Q menu in settings, choosing the screen resolution setting

Picture resolutions explained:

  • 576p: Used on a Sky Q Mini box if you've got an analogue cable connection
  • 720p: This is the HD or HD ready resolution
  • 1080i: This is the Full HD resolution. It's got the same pixel resolution as 1080p, but it might appear to flicker or blur during action scenes or live sport.
  • 1080p: This is the mode used for Blu-ray discs and some games consoles. If you've got a large HD TV, this is the best resolution.
  • 2160p: This is the Ultra HD resolution. Remember, UHD is only available on Sky Q if you've got a Sky Q 2TB or Sky Q 1TB UHD box and an Ultra HD-ready TV.

If you pick a resolution that your TV doesn't support, your picture will automatically revert back to its original setting after 10 seconds.

Stuck on a plain coloured screen? Just press Home, 1080, Home so you can access the Sky Q menus and try a different setting.