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Caller Identity

Sky Talk offers services where you can identify incoming callers and make calls anonymously.

If you’re receiving nuisance calls, you should also read our Dealing with nuisance phone calls article.

  • Caller Display

    If you’re a Sky Talk customer and would like to add Caller Display, please contact us.

    If you added Caller Display when joining Sky Talk, this will have been activated automatically to show you who is calling..

    If it isn’t working, it could be because the caller has chosen to withhold their number or your phone may not support caller display. Check your instruction manual or try using a different phone. If you’re still having problems or want to remove caller display, please contact us.

  • 1471 - Identify the last caller

    1. Dial 1 4 7 1 and we’ll tell you the last number that called you.
    2. Press 3 to return the call.

    Call charges will apply if you return the call. Please see our Sky Talk Call Features List for more information.

  • Withhold your number

    To withhold your number when making a call, dial 1 4 1 before the phone number.

    Please note: Sky Talk and other phone providers let customers reject anonymous calls, so you might not get through.

    To automatically withhold your number for all calls, please contact us or your line provider to set this up.

    If you then want to release your number for a specific call, dial 1 4 7 0 followed by the number you’re calling.

Please note that some call features are free for Sky Talk Line Rental customers, but some optional extras are available for a little extra. Charges for extra services are added to your Sky bill and can be viewed online or on your TV at any time. For a full list of our latest features and prices, please see our Sky Talk Call Features page.