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Broadband speeds explained

When we talk about broadband speeds, there are actually two different types:

Access line speed: This is the maximum speed between your local telephone exchange and your router, so it’s the connection you receive into your home.

Throughput speed: This is the actual speed you experience on a device that’s connected to your broadband, so it’s the connection from your router to your device.

  • What can affect my broadband speeds?

    Access line speed: The speed and quality of this depends on how far you live from the exchange, unless you’re a Sky Fibre customer.

    Throughput speed: This will naturally be lower than your access line speed as it’s affected by factors such as the layout of your home or any interference between your router and your devices.

    Both speeds will also depend on which Sky Broadband product you have. Read the below PDF for more information:

    Examples of broadband speeds (PDF 51KB) >

  • What are my broadband speeds?

    Access line speed: To find this out, use our Broadband speed checker.

    Throughput speed: There are several free websites that will measure this. Enter “Broadband speed test” into a search engine on the device you’d like to test and follow the instructions on your selected site.

    You can also check your broadband speed in the My Sky app:

    1. Open the My Sky app and, if you haven’t already, sign in using your Sky iD details. If you’re new to the app, visit our My Sky app page to find out more.
    2. Select Manage account > Broadband & Talk > Broadband speed.

  • What if I’m not receiving the speed I was expecting?

    Sign into My Sky with your Sky iD and check under Your Connection Details if we’re currently testing your connection.

    If we’re not, follow our Broadband diagnostic tool to see if we can fix your problem.

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