No connection or slow WiFi

Check your hub is set up right

Where you put your hub can really affect your WiFi signal. For the clearest signal:

  • Keep it out in the open - not in a cabinet, on the floor or stuck behind the tv. 30cm of space around it's best.
  • Keep away from wireless devices like your cordless phone.
  • Try put it where you use the internet most - the signal is stronger near your hub.

Unplug everything from your master socket and your hub. Don't forget:

  • microfilters
  • power cables
  • splitters

Plug your microfilter into your master socket. It’s the larger one of the little white boxes that came with your hub.

If you have a phone, plug it into the Phone port on the microfilter.

Need to plug in more than one phone? Plug a splitter into the Phone port before plugging in the cables.

Remember: A splitter needs to be plugged into the microfilter, not directly into your master socket.

Plug the blue end of the power cable into the blue port on the back of your hub. Then plug into the mains and switch on.

Good to know: When cables are all bunched together it can cause electrical interference and can slow you down. Keep your cables tangle free.

When the Power, Internet and WiFi lights are all on. try your connection again.

Internet light still off or amber?

Is anything connected to any other phone sockets in you house?