Sky hub and booster software

We sometimes need to update the software on your hub or booster to make improvements or add new features. It’s done automatically, so you don’t need to do anything.

While it’s updating, the power light on your hub or booster will flash and you won’t be able use your broadband for a few minutes. But because we usually update your hub or booster overnight (unless you’ve turned it off), you might not even notice.

Tip: Don’t turn your hub off while its upgrading.

When it’s finished updating, the power light will stop flashing and the lights will go back to normal.

Been flashing for more than 15 minutes? Go to Lights on your Sky hub explained for more help.

Checking if your hubs been updated?

To check your hub’s software version, log in to your hub’s settings:

  1. Check you're connected to your Sky Broadband.
  2. Type in a browser address bar and hit enter – You’ll see a Summary Status page.
  3. Select Maintenance.
  4. Now enter the log in detail for your hub:
    • If you've got a Sky Q Hub , admin is the username and sky is the password.
    • If you've got a Sky Broadband Hub , admin is the username and your current WiFi password is the password.
  5. Under System Details check the Firmware Version.

Our latest software versions:

  • Sky Broadband Hub : 5.14.2405.R
  • Sky Q Hub : 2.22.3027.R or 2.22.3028.R
  • Sky Hub :
    • UK: 2.92.2510.R
    • ROI: 2.92.2567.R
  • Sky Q Booster : 2.22.3029.R
  • Sky Broadband Booster : 1.12.1127.R

Good to know: We don’t update all hubs and boosters in one go. We release software over a period of time so don’t worry if you aren’t on the latest software version yet.