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Here’s some useful information to help you choose a phone that has the right accessibility features for your needs.

If you already have an accessible mobile phone you’ll be able to use a Sky Mobile SIM in it. The SIM comes in three different sizes to fit a variety of phone makes and models.

Phone accessibility features

Depending on your requirements, there are mobile phones that support a variety of accessibility features, including:


Features for the blind or partially sighted can include:

  • Screen readers
  • Screen magnifiers
  • Voice activation
  • Adjustable font sizes and screen colours


Features for the deaf or hard of hearing can include:

  • Hearing aid compatibility
  • Adjustable volume controls
  • Vibrate alerts
  • Mono audio

Mobility and dexterity

Features for those with physical disabilities or limited motor skills can include:

  • Large keypads / touch assistant touch screens
  • Voice activation
  • External keyboard compatibility
  • Easy to grip case design

Learning and cognition

Features for those with learning difficulties can include:

  • Simple, easy-to-use phone design and display
  • Limited/restricted settings mode
Find and compare phones with accessibility features

To help you choose the right phone for you, you can compare accessibility features from different phone manufacturers on the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) website.

Filter by accessibility requirements including dexterity, vision, hearing/speech and cognition. Or use the advanced search, and filter by more specific accessibility features, such as screen readers, hearing aid settings or external keyboard support.

Go to the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative website >

Sky Mobile SIMs come in 3 different sizes and are compatible with a variety of phone makes and models.

Phone manufacturers’ accessibility information
Sky accessibility services

We offer a number of services to our customers with accessibility requirements, including emergency SMS (eSMS) and the Next Generation Text Service (NGT). For more information, go to the Sky accessibility website.

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