Accessibility information for Sky services

We make sure all our products are safe and easy to use by everyone. If you have accessibility requirements and are using Sky services, we can help.

Registering accessibility requirements

You can register your accessibility requirements or request and discuss accessibility services with our dedicated Accessibility Customer Service Team

Our team is on hand 8am to 10pm, seven days a week, and available out of hours on their main number if you have an emergency. We have various contact methods in addition to phone and e-mail on our website, including a British Sign Language Interpreter, Live Chat or an Online Query Form. 

Calls to Sky contact centres are inclusive for Sky Mobile and Sky Talk customers. If you’re not with Sky Mobile or Sky Talk, calls to 03 numbers cost the same as calls to 01 or 02 numbers and are included in your calls package. If you don’t have a calls package, charges may apply, check your provider’s tariff guide.

Correspondence and bills

We can send our visually impaired customers correspondence in alternative formats. For example, we can send you contracts, terms and conditions, bills, emails and letters in braille, in large or easy-to-read print or on an audio CD.

Emergency SMS (eSMS) for Sky Mobile

You’ll find information about eSMS and how to set it up at, so you can send and receive texts from 999/18000 on your Sky Mobile number.

This service is an add-on to the existing 999 and 18000 services in the UK. It’s a third party service that customers can register for at any time. If you already have eSMS and transfer your number to Sky Mobile, you’ll keep the service. Your text message will be connected to 999 through the text relay 18000 service and a relay assistant will speak your text message to the 999 advisor. Their reply will be sent back to you as a text.

Setting up eSMS:

You need to register your mobile before using eSMS.

  1. Send the word “register” in a text message to 999.
  2. You’ll then get text messages about the service.
  3. When you’ve read the texts, reply by sending “yes” in a text to 999.
  4. You’ll get a text telling you your mobile phone is registered or there’s a problem with your registration (see the website for help).
Next Generation Text Service (NGT)

When you make a call, if you can't hear the other person's voice or don't catch all they're saying, the Next Generation Text Service (NGT) can help. It's compatible with smartphones.

Simply type to a relay assistant who’ll speak your words to the person you’re calling. They’ll also type the other person’s reply so you can read it on your screen.

Making a call from a landline textphone:

  1. Dial 18001 + number
  2. Dial 18000 for emergency calls

Making a call from a telephone:

Dial 18002 + number


The cost of a text relay is no more than the equivalent price of making the call directly, without using a relay service.

A rebate is applied on some calls before the bill is generated, which covers the text part of the call. This makes sure customers aren’t unfairly penalised if they rely on NGT.

You’ll find more details about charges in the Sky Talk Tariff Guide and Sky Mobile Tariff Guide.

Special Assistance Operator connected calls

We make sure customers who are unable to use the Phonebook due to a sensory or physical disability or medical condition can dial 198 or 195 from their landline phone to connect to many destinations via an operator. You’ll need to register for this with BT, and you’ll need a medical professional to countersign your application form.

There’s no charge for contacting the Special Assistance Operator. Any calls made from the Special Assistance Operator will be charged at our standard Sky Talk rate (depending on the Sky Talk tariff you have), or check the rates with your current operator if your landline service is with another company.

Please note: If you connect to Directory Enquiries (DQ) via the 198 Special Assistance Operator, you’ll be charged as though you had made the call direct to DQ.

Audio description

Sky provides audio description for 28% of its programmes, with the exception of Sky News and Sky Sports News which already have high levels of spoken content. Sky channels are regulated under the 2003 Communications act, and follow the Ofcom Code on Television Access Services.

For more information, see the Audio description article on our Sky accessibility website.

Accessible mobile phones
Third party assistance

We support customers with accessibility requirements, including long-term hospital stays, by allowing them to nominate a third party to deal with their enquiries. It’s still your account, but your nominee will be able to speak to us on your behalf to sort out things like your bills. Or we can make a more formal arrangement if you send us the necessary documentation.

Contact our dedicated Accessibility Customer Service Team for more information.


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