Accessibility information and registration

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Low vision website guidance

Have low vision and want to know how you can improve the way you read and navigate websites? Go to our low vision settings guide on our dedicated Sky Accessibility website.

Registering accessibility requirements

Get in touch with our friendly accessibility team at the bottom of this article to find out how we can help you and/or anyone you live with, and to register your needs. There are different ways to get in touch, such as text relay and British Sign Language. We’re on hand from 8am to 9pm every day and, in an emergency, you can reach us out of hours on our main number.

Wondering how we store your info? Go to our Privacy and Cookies Notice.

Our accessibility services

As explained by Ofcom General Condition C5 (PDF) we provide specific services to our customers with accessibility needs, such as:

  • Electronic, large print or braille bills for our visually impaired


  • Free Directory Information and Directory Enquiry Facilities.

  • Access to a Relay Service for those who need to make or take calls in

    text format.

  • Access to emergency services, Operator Assistance and a Directory

    Enquiry service using short code numbers.

  • Access to emergency services using British Sign Language (BSL).

  • A priority fault repair service (for landline and broadband, but not

    mobile) for any registered accessibility customers who have a genuine need for an urgent repair.

  • The ability to work with an authorised, registered nominee or Power

    of Attorney, who can manage the customer’s account on their behalf.

And we keep learning by working with people and organisations who can help us improve our services:

  • The Royal National Institute for the Blind are helping us develop our

    Sky TV box display, apps and websites.

  • Action on Hearing Loss supported the launch of subtitles on demand,

    testing the service with people affected by hearing loss.

  • Dementia Friends trained us to make sure we offer the best support to

    people affected by dementia.

Our accessibility service for Sky Talk is regulated by Ofcom, as described in General Condition C5 (PDF).

Correspondence and bills

If you’re visually impaired, you can get your contract(s), T&Cs, bills, emails and letters in braille, large print or other alternative formats. Read our alternative format correspondence guide for more info.

Excludes Sky Glass and Sky Stream documents

With Sky Glass and Sky Stream, we’re not able to offer bills, contracts or comms in alternative formats like paper copies, braille or large print. However, we do support screen readers and other assistive technology on and on the TV.

Emergency SMS (eSMS) and Video Relay

eSMS is a third-party service you can register for at any time, and an add-on to the current 999 and 18000 services in the UK.

The Emergency Video Relay service is a third party service that connects users to British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters through a dedicated app or website to contact the Emergency Services.

Go to our emergencySMS and Video Relay article for more info about what it does and how to set it up.

Relay UK service

If you have a hearing and/or speech impairment, the Relay UK service helps you communicate over the phone. It's compatible with landlines, smartphones, tablets and computers.

Information on how to set it up and how much it costs are explained in our Relay UK service article.

Free directory enquiries – 195 service

Having a sensory or physical disability, or a medical condition, can make it difficult or even impossible to use a phone directory. If that's the case, you can register for the 195 service so you can connect to lots of destinations with the help of an operator, free of charge. Read our 195 service guide for more info.

Accessible mobiles

Need help choosing one? See our Sky Mobile accessibility support guide.

Third party assistance

You can nominate a third-party to help sort out things like your bills if you have accessibility needs or need to stay in hospital long-term. More in our third party assistance guide.


To share your thoughts, visit our How to make a complaint guide.

For a copy of our Code of Practice in braille, regular, large or easy-to-read print, or on audio CD, get in touch with our accessibility team using the buttons below.