What you need to know about Internet Calls

Watching your favourite show, playing games with friends, video conferencing with colleagues - we’re doing more than ever over the internet. And now landline calls are going digital too, with Internet Calls.

Why are you moving to Internet Calls?

Our home phone network is getting an upgrade, using the internet to make calls instead of a traditional phone line. So, making and receiving calls on your home phone will use the same internet connection as your broadband and you’ll get the same call experience with high quality sound. This new technology is called VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol. But that’s a bit of a mouthful, so we’re just calling it Internet Calls.

All home phone providers are upgrading their networks, with Internet Calls being rolled out across most of the UK by the end of 2025. We’ve already started providing Sky Talk with Internet Calls to some of our customers.

How do I get Internet Calls?

When you’re placing an order, we’ll check if Internet Calls is available in your area, on the package you want and it’s right for you.

Your Sky Talk package will come with Internet Calls if you have one of our Gigafast, Ultrafast or Full Fibre 100 broadband packages. And you might get Internet Calls if you have Sky Broadband Superfast – we’ll let you know when you choose your package.

There’s no extra charge for Internet Calls, our Broadband & Talk packages cost the same whether you have Internet Calls or not.

Take a look at our Sky Broadband & Talk packages.

Is Internet Calls right for me?

Internet Calls isn’t right for you if you rely on your landline to call the emergency services and don’t have a mobile with a good signal.

If you have a care or medical alarm that plugs into your phone line, you’ll need to check with your alarm/device provider to make sure your alarm and in-home setup are compatible with an internet-based phone service.

Don’t worry, we’ll ask you about these when you’re ordering so we won’t give you Internet Calls if it isn’t right for you. But don’t forget to let us know if your circumstances ever change.

How do I set up Internet Calls?

Your phone works through the internet and plugs directly into your hub instead of a traditional phone socket.

Your hub setup is different if you have Internet Calls, so don’t forget to check the setup guide that comes with your hub or go to Setting up your Sky hub for more info. If your hub’s not set up right your phone won’t work.

When your hub’s all setup, you can use your phone just as you normally would.

What if my phone isn’t working?

Because your phone works through your hub with Internet Calls, your phone won’t work if:

  • Your hub’s switched off or there's a power cut.
  • The phone is plugged into a master socket or any other phone socket.
  • Your broadband isn’t working because of a fault or outage.

Check your hub’s setup - If your hub’s not set up right your phone won’t work.

Go to Fix a problem with your phone for more help.

Tip: Always make sure you have another way to make calls, like a mobile phone, just in case.