4G calling

Stay connected in more places with 4G calling.

What's 4G calling?

4G calling, also known as VoLTE or Voice over LTE, lets you make and receive calls over the 4G network.

It’s just like making a normal call, but instead of using 2G/3G signal it uses 4G. So, calls will connect quicker and voice and video calls will be clearer.

How it works

Both you and the phone you’re calling need:

  • A 4G calling compatible phone
  • To be in a 4G network area
  • To have 4G calling switched on

You’ll see a symbol something like this when 4G calling is available.

4G calling VoLTE icon

Then, just dial the number you want to call like normal.

And if you’re using Wi-Fi calling and you move to a 4G area, your calls will transfer without disconnecting.

When 4G coverage isn't available

Calls will connect using 2G/3G signal like normal or you might be able to use Wi-Fi calling (if your phone’s compatible).