The bigger the risk the greater the profit.

About ZeroZeroZero

Based on the novel by Roberto Saviano, this fast-paced series directed by Stefano Sollima (Gomorrah) and Janus Metz (True Detective) follows the buyers, sellers and brokers who drive the frenzied and lethal world of international drug trafficking.

The eight-episode series follows the journey of a cocaine shipment, from the moment a powerful cartel decides to buy it until the cargo is delivered and paid for, passing through its packaging in Mexico and shipment across the Atlantic Ocean.

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Series 1

Series 1

Episode 1 - The Shipment

When Don Minu La Piana orders five tonnes of cocaine, the Lynwood family has to broker the deal.

Episode 2 - Tampico Skies

The infighting within the 'Ndrangheta puts the Lynwood family's business at risk. Chris has to put himself in the forefront to defend his father's legacy.

Episode 3 - Miranda

As Manuel and his team face the consequences of their choices, Chris and Don Minu have to face some dangerous and unexpected circumstances.

Episode 4 - Transshipment

While the Lynwoods ensure that their shipment continues its journey to Gioia Tauro, Manuel and his team spread terror and death among the narcos of Monterrey.

Episode 5 - Sharia

While Don Minu's leadership is undermined by betrayals and power struggles, the Lynwoods face the dangers of crossing the Malian desert.

Episode 6 - En el mismo camino

While Chris and Emma are about to cross the Moroccan border, Manuel and his men build a ragtag army on behalf of the Leyra cartel.

Episode 7 - Family

In Calabria, the enemies of Don Minu understand the only way to destabilise the 'Ndrangheta is by stopping the Lynwoods. Chris and Emma look for safety in Casablanca.

Episode 8 - Same Blood

While the Lynwoods face the consequences of their job, Don Minu and Manuel have to decide how much they are willing to pay to maintain their power.

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