Sky WiFi - Security Tips

Here’s how we make your browsing as secure as possible and some tips to stay safe while browsing online.

Content filtering

Public WiFi risks

Our public WiFi hotspots give open network access for all. This offers simple and easy connectivity for as many devices as possible.

When using Sky WiFi we advise you to check that your devices or apps are encrypting your data before it is sent over the internet. This is easy to see in most browsers by checking for a lock in the browser address bar or by checking app support information

Download now: To ensure you're always connecting to a legitimate Sky WiFi hotspot, look for the _The Cloud network.

Top tips for keeping safe online

Any unsecured device without antivirus software, firewall or VPN may be vulnerable when connecting to a public network. These simple steps will help keep your devices and your personal data safe and secure.

Use Wi-Fi responsibly

Please avoid illegal or illicit content or from doing anything inappropriate that could threaten the network’s integrity. We’re really not keen on spamming, privacy infringements or things like that either!

We’re a member of the Internet Watch Foundation. That means we’re committed to combating online sexual child abuse. We will block users who access this material.

Read our Acceptable Use Policy.

More information about account details, passwords and VPNs.