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Returns, repairs and replacements - Sky Mobile

  • If you need to return your phone for a refund, repair or a replacement, we can either send you a pre-paid envelope to send it back to us in, or you can print off a pre-paid postage label. You should include your phone and everything that came with it in the envelope, but remember to remove your SIM and keep it safe. Check your emails to find full returns instructions from us. Please also ask for a proof of postage.
  • Please remember that you can only return a phone bought from Sky. 

  • Phone refund

    • If you’ve changed your mind and no longer want your phone, you can return it and request a refund within 31 days of it being delivered.
    • After you’ve let us know, you’ll need to send it back to us within 14 days. If you don’t return your phone within this time any refunds will be cancelled and, if you have a credit agreement, your monthly phone payments will continue.
    • All items must be returned in their original condition, including:
      - The original box
      - The phone, undamaged and without any security features or personal accounts activated (for example, PIN or passcodes, 'Activation lock', 'Find my iPhone' and iCloud)
      - The phone charger
      - Any accessories that came in the box
    • You’ll receive any refunds within 14 days of us receiving your phone using the original payment details you gave us.
    • If you bought your phone with a credit agreement, that will now be cancelled. Your monthly plan will also be cancelled (as long as you activated your SIM within the last 31 days); or you can keep your SIM to use in a different phone.
    • If you have more than one data plan with us, these other plans and payments will remain unchanged.
    • You’ll be charged for any data, calls and texts usage to date. If you’re keeping your Sky Mobile SIM, your monthly plan and payments will carry on as normal.

    Continue to request a refund >

  • Phone repairs and replacements
    • Please note: If your phone is out of warranty or there’s physical damage to the phone then you may be charged for the repair and you won’t be eligible for a replacement.

    • Alternatively, please call one of our Sky experts on 03442 414 141 to arrange your return or repair.

    • If the phone was damaged when it was delivered or the damage was caused by us, please contact Sky first.

    Calls to Sky contact centres are free for Sky Talk and Sky Mobile customers. If you’re not with Sky Talk or Sky Mobile, calls to 03 numbers cost the same as calls to 01 or 02 numbers. For details please go to

Before returning your phone, don’t forget to:

  • Back up the personal data on your phone, including your contacts and photos
  • Remove and keep your SIM and memory card safe
  • Remove any of your own accessories, including phone covers
  • Remove any security/PIN locks on your phone as this could result in a chargeable repair
  • If you have an Apple iPhone, turn off ‘Find my iPhone’. Not doing so will result in delays with your repair. For help on how to do this, go to our phone support and search ‘Find my iPhone’.

Any personal data on your phone when it’s returned will be deleted and any equipment or accessories that weren’t supplied by us will be destroyed.

Please keep your proof of postage until we confirm we’ve received your return.