Spotify on Sky Q

Spotify on Sky Q

Join Sky TV and you could get 3 months of Spotify Premium free

Enjoy non-stop music straight from your TV
Download playlists for any moment & discover great new artists
Play uninterrupted music on a range of devices

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New Spotify Premium subscribers only. £9.99 a month after trial unless cancelled.

Getting Spotify with Sky

Step one

Join Sky TV

Order your Sky Entertainment and create a Sky iD. You'll need this to get Spotify with Sky.

Step two

Create an account

Sign up to Spotify, select your Spotify Premium offer and download Spotify.

Step three

Start playing

Enjoy Spotify on a range of compatible devices - desktop, mobile, tablet, and in the car.

Step four

Listen with Sky Q

You can even create playlists and enjoy your favourite tunes straight from your TV.

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. How do I order Spotify Premium?

      You'll need to join Sky TV if you're not an existing customer already.

      If you haven't previously registered your email address for a Spotify offer, you may be eligible for an offer with Sky.

  • 2. I've ordered Sky TV, can I get Spotify before my Sky is installed?

      Yes. If you haven't already, you'll need to create a Sky iD and link it to your Sky account.

      If you already have a Sky iD linked to your Sky account, you're ready to sign up to Spotify with Sky.

  • 3. What if I already have Spotify Premium?

      To get Spotify with Sky, you'll need to downgrade to a Spotify Free account. Once the required 31 days after downgrade has passed, you'll be able to order Spotify through Sky and align your Spotify bill with your current Sky bill.

      Please note: As an existing Spotify Premium customer, you won't be eligible to take a Spotify offer with Sky.

  • 4. How many devices can I use?

      Use Spotify on as many devices as you like. You can have it on your Sky Q box, on desktop, mobile, tablet, TV, and in the car. You can only listen to Spotify on one device at the same time.

      If you're a Premium customer, you can download music to 3 of your devices to listen offline and stream on one device at a time. If you begin playback on another device, the playback on your current device will be paused.

  • 5. How do I find Spotify on my Sky Q box?

      It's really simple. Head to the ‘Music’ section in your menu bar and you'll find Spotify. Log-in using your username and password that you will have already created. Then you're all ready to start using.

  • 6. What is Sky Q experience?

      Sky Q experience means you can watch all the channels included in your Sky TV package in different rooms.

      Access your main box in any room with Sky Q Mini boxes, so you can watch different channels in different rooms at the same time. They're wireless and don't need to connect to your dish, so no mess and no fuss.

      Connect up to four Mini boxes and watch on two TVs at the same time with the 1TB box, or three TVs at the same time with the 2TB box. You can even pause in one room and pick up where you left off in another!

      With Sky Q experience and Ultimate On Demand, you'll also be able to watch your favourite Netflix and Sky shows on up to 4 devices at the same time.

  • 7. Can I check if I'm eligible for a Spotify Premium offer?

      The offer is for new Spotify Premium customers only. Unfortunately, we won't know if you're eligible until you apply online but we'll let you know before you proceed with the order.

      Please note: You won't be eligible to take a Spotify offer with Sky if you:
      a) Previously had a Spotify Premium subscription
      b) Registered your email for an offer with Spotify Premium in the past

  • 8. I've tried Spotify Premium before, can I still get this offer?

      You won't be eligible to take a Spotify offer with Sky if you've previously had a Spotify Premium subscription or registered your email for an offer with Spotify in the past.

  • 9. I'm a Sky+ customer, how do I get Spotify through Sky?

      You can get Spotify with Sky and use it on your compatible devices. To access Spotify on your Sky box, you need to upgrade to Sky Q.

  • 10. How do I link my existing Spotify account to Sky?

      Free: Sky TV customers with an existing Spotify account can sign in to check if they're eligible for a Spotify offer.

      Premium: You'll need to downgrade your existing Spotify Premium account to a Free account before you can link it to Sky. After 31 days, the service period will have ended and you'll be able to take Spotify Premium with Sky. If you want to keep your existing Spotify Premium account, you can sign in with your current details and keep your Spotify and Sky TV bills separate.

      Family: Sky does not currently support the Spotify Family subscription. All customers can use the Spotify app with their existing Spotify billed subscription.

Here's the legal bit

  • Offers

    Free Spotify Premium offer: Available for new and existing Sky TV customers. Not available to existing Spotify Premium subscribers, Premium for Family subscribers, or if you have previously enrolled in a Spotify offer. Spotify access through Sky Q box and other devices, Spotify app not available on Sky+ boxes. New customers: add Spotify Premium after you've completed your Sky Entertainment order. Spotify Premium usually £9.99 a month. Offer entitles you access to the Spotify Premium Service (as defined in the Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use) for a period of 6 months or 3 months depending on your eligibility. If you decide that you do not want to pay for the Spotify Premium Service after the Offer Period, you must terminate your Spotify Premium Service by the end of the Offer Period. You may only use this offer once.

    Sky Sports Complete Pack: £23 with HD when you take a new 18 month minimum term. Standard price applies when not signing up to a new minimum term of outside of current minimum term (currently £30* pm).

    Sky Broadband packages (including line rental): Essential: £20pm; and Superfast: £27pm. Sky Broadband Boost: £2.50pm. Standard prices apply after 18 months (currently £25 for Essential £32 for Superfast; and £5pm for Sky Broadband Boost). Prices shown include Sky Pay As You Talk (£0pm). New 18 month minimum term and separate contracts for Sky Broadband, Sky Broadband Boost and Sky Talk. Router delivery: £9.95. Broadband Connection Fee: £0 for new to Sky Broadband customers; £10 for existing Sky Fibre customers, and £50 for existing Sky Broadband Essential customers.

    Sky Broadband Boost: Sky Broadband Essential or Sky Broadband Superfast required. £5 a month. Offer price of £2.50 a month for the first 18 months for new Sky Broadband Boost customers. New 18 month minimum term applies for Sky Broadband, Sky Broadband Boost and Line Rental. Includes waiving surcharge for evenings and weekends engineer visits and remote line monitoring, fault diagnosis and fix where available (may involve up to 30 second daily outage for monitoring). Sky Mobile customers receive 2GB of data credited to Sky Piggybank for each full outage of 30 minutes or longer capped at 3 credits per calendar month and 18 credits in any 18 month period (allow 24 hours for credit). Sky Broadband Buddy requires activation. Allows filtering of content and limiting screen time for every device connected to Sky Broadband Hub 2 or above. IOS or Android app required. Sky recommends that all devices connected to internet are protected by anti-virus software at all times.

  • Sky TV

    HD channels received depend on your Sky TV/HD subscription. BBC HD Channels, ITV HD (England & Wales only), Channel 4 HD, NHK World HD and RT HD are available without subscription.

    Sky Entertainment: £22 per month (pm) with a new 18 month minimum term. Standard price applies when not signing up to a new minimum term or outside of minimum term. Standard price: currently £27pm.

    Sky TV Subscription: From £22pm. Sky Box Office and Sky Store costs extra. Sky News and Pick TV are available without subscription; Pick TV, Channel 4, Channel 5, 5 USA and 5* require a viewing card. Sky box and set-up required.

    Sky Sports: Sky Sports channels available in 1, 2 or 3 channels or get all channels with the Complete Sports Pack. From £18 - £30 extra per month. Content depends on channels chosen. If you have 1, 2 or 3 channel, you may swap the channels once every 31 days.  31 days' notice to cancel. Main Event channel is a bonus channel showing live content from the other Sky Sports channels at the same time as it is available on such channels. Only available with the Complete Sports Pack.

    If you subscribed to both Sky Sports and Sky Cinema prior to 18 July 2017, any change to your Sky TV subscription or current sports package will result in a price increase on your Sky Cinema subscription.

    Sky Sports in HD: Included as standard with any Sky Sports pack.

    Sky Sports or Cinema on a contract: Requires new minimum term on your Sky TV subscription. You must keep Sky Sports for the duration of your minimum term, unless you also add Sky Cinema on a contract, in which case your contract will end and you will enter a new contract for all your TV services (Sky TV, Sports and Cinema).

    Sky Cinema comparison: Comparison against online movie subscription services without Sky Cinema using top 100 from UK box office over 12 months. See

    Sky Q experience: Provides same Sky TV channels as main Sky TV subscription on another box. To receive Sky HD channels on your Sky Q experience box you need a Sky HD box and the HD pack. If you have home broadband, your Internet-enabled Sky boxes must be connected to your router if we’ve provided the equipment you need to connect (E.g. an On Demand connector). Sky Q experience includes Sky Go Extra at no extra cost. Sky Go terms apply.

    Smart Series Link: Records your chosen series then the next and subsequent series in order. Unavailable on some older Sky HD boxes.

    Remote Record / Series Link: Use or a compatible device. Requests require up to 30 minutes notice before start of programme. Series Link for compatible Sky+HD and Sky Q boxes only.

    Dolby Digital 5.1: Available on many programmes. Compatible home cinema system required.

    Sky Kids app: Available at no extra cost with the Sky Kids pack. UK, Ireland & the EU where eligible - see Selected content available to stream and download on demand at no extra cost via 3G/4G/Wi-Fi (charges may apply). To download content you also need Sky Multiscreen, Sky Q experience, or Sky Go Extra (£5 extra a month). Available on registered compatible devices. Downloaded content deleted from device 48 hours after viewing starts or no later than 30 days after download. Compatible device and software requirements at, and the App Store or Google Play Store. App features vary by device.

    Ultimate On Demand: Ultimate On Demand for £12 per month (pm) with Sky Entertainment Pack for £22pm. Standard price for Sky Entertainment applies when not signing up to a new minimum term or outside of minimum term: £27 pm.
    Requires Sky Q box connected to broadband – min. speed: SD: 3Mbps; HD: 8Mbps. Ultimate on Demand: 31 days’ notice to cancel. Netflix standard plan directly with Netflix costs £8.99 pm, Netflix premium plan directly with Netflix costs: £11.99 pm. Download to watch on the go: Netflix content: Download using Netflix app. Offline viewing of Netflix content is subject to the Netflix Terms of Use. Ultimate on Demand: Download using Sky Go app. Swap in a new device at any time. Concurrent viewing on up to 4 devices depending on your subscription. UK & Ireland (plus whilst visiting the EU, see 2 downloads per programme. Content deleted from device 48 hours after viewing starts or no later than 30 days after download.

    On Demand: Available to Sky TV customers with black Sky+ or Sky Q box connected to broadband (minimum recommended speed 3Mbps), On Demand self set-up using built in Wi-Fi or own cable. Downloads count towards any usage caps and may expire from your Planner. Content depends on your Sky TV/HD subscription. 3D: 3DTV and activation required. Sky Store costs extra. Sky Cinema or Sky Sports subscription required for Sky Cinema or Sky Sports. Sky subscribers without Sky TV can access BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and All 4 catch up content. Downloadable HD content takes longer to start viewing.
    Sky Box Office: Sky Box Office content costs extra. Pay per view charges apply.

    Box Sets: Selection of shows/series available varies each month. Downloadable HD content takes longer to start viewing. Box Sets or Ultimate On Demand pack required for Sky Box Sets. Box Sets and HD packs or Ultimate On Demand required to watch box sets in HD.

    Sky Store: On your Sky box: For Sky TV customers with black Sky+ or Sky Q box connected to broadband. Buy & Keep unavailable on some older boxes - see Requires On Demand self set-up using built-in Wi-Fi or own cable or On Demand connector (£21.95 – limits apply). Downloads take several minutes or longer to start viewing if speed less than 8Mbps (HD) or 3Mbps (SD). Sky subscription needed for ongoing access to downloaded copy. On Requires connected compatible device and software (see Register up to 4 devices; a title can be streamed to 1 (rent) or 2 (Buy & Keep) at a time. Min required speed for streaming 3Mbps (SD) or 8Mbps (HD). HD option not available when renting and is not supported for Buy & Keep on some devices/set-ups. Rentals can’t be downloaded. Buy & Keep downloads unavailable on NOW TV, Roku and YouView boxes. General: Rent from £2.99-£9.99. Buy & Keep from £7.99-£13.99. Downloading and streaming count towards any usage caps. Buy & Keep DVD delivery usually within 5 working days from official DVD release date.

    Sky Go: Sky TV customers only. Selected live channels and on demand content available in line with your Sky TV subscription at no extra cost. UK, Ireland & the EU where eligible - see Streamed via broadband/3G/4G/Wi-Fi (charges may apply). Available on registered compatible devices (content may vary). Some live TV programmes will be unavailable (visit See compatible device and software requirements.

    Sky Go Extra: Sky TV customers only. No extra cost with Sky Q experience, otherwise £5 extra a month. Allow up to 24 hours for your account to be activated. 31 days' notice to cancel. Concurrent online viewing on 2 devices. Download selected Sky Go content in the UK, Ireland & the EU where eligible - see - via Wi-Fi. Content depends on your Sky TV package. Cinema/Sports Pack(s) required to download movies/sports. 2 downloads per programme. Content deleted from device 48 hours after viewing starts or no later than 30 days after download.

  • Sky Q

    18 month minimum terms. Sky Q TV subscription: Sky Entertainment: £22 per month (pm); Prices may go up during your contract.

    All Sky Q kit is loaned to you at no cost and must be returned at the end of your relevant subscription. Sky Q 1TB box: 700GB personal storage. Sky Q 2TB box: 1.7TB personal storage. 300GB storage reserved by Sky.

    18 month minimum term. Sky Q experience subscription: £13 extra pm. Sky Q experience subscription required to: 1) Watch TV around the home on tablets or TVs. The ability to watch on an additional TV screen comes at a cost of £99 per additional TV (Additional TV Viewing Fee). We'll lend you one Sky Q Mini per extra TV, at no cost. For new Sky TV customers: Additional TV Viewing Fee discounted to £20 for your first additional TV then payable in full for subsequent TVs. For existing Sky TV customers without Sky+ Multiscreen: Additional TV Viewing Fee discounted to £0 for your first TV then payable in full for subsequent TVs. For existing Sky Q customers: £75 Engineer set-up fee also applies. Additional TV Viewing Fee discounted to £20 for your first additional TV and £69 for subsequent TVs.

    For optimal network performance we recommended connecting no more than four Sky Q Mini boxes. Content from up to two Sky Q Mini boxes can be watched concurrently. In home: watch recordings included in your Sky Q channel pack and most free to air channels. See for more information; 2) Pause on one screen and continue on another; 3) Take recordings with you to watch offline. Save selected recordings from last 90 days from the main Sky Q box or download on demand programmes to compatible tablet connected to home broadband to watch offline. Finished recordings may be unavailable to sync for up to a few hours. Two syncs/downloads per programme. Content deleted from device 48 hours after viewing starts or no later than 30 days after sync/download; 4) Watch Ultra HD content (only available to customers with a compatible UHD TV and a Sky Q 2TB box). Ultra HD not available on Sky Q Mini boxes or Sky Q 1TB box. Box Sets and HD pack or Ultimate On Demand and Sky Q experience required to watch box sets in Ultra HD. Sky Sports and Sky Cinema required to watch sports and movies in Ultra HD. Widest range of Ultra HD Content: Comparison against online and Pay TV UK subscription services based on Ultra-HD content. See for more information.

    Record more / Store more: Compared with standard 500GB Sky HD box.

    Installation: Engineer set-up required. Standard installation: New Sky TV customers: Sky Q 1TB box: £20 with or without a Sky Q experience subscription; Sky Q 2TB box: £75 with a Sky Q experience subscription, £199 without a Sky Q experience subscription. Existing Sky TV customers taking a Sky Q experience subscription: Sky Q 1TB box: up to £75 (£20 online); Sky Q 2TB box: £75.

    Existing Sky TV customers not taking a Sky Q experience subscription: Sky Q 1TB box or Sky Q 2TB box: £199 standard set-up.

    On Demand: Min. recommended broadband speed, SD: 3Mbps & HD: 8Mbps. Downloads count toward usage cap. Downloads may expire from planner. Selected channels/programmes on catch up. Selection of series available with Box Sets or Ultimate On Demand pack & varies each month. Sky Store costs extra. 3D requires activation.

    General: HD TV required. Content depends on your Sky TV subscription and picture quality on device may vary. Connect to TV using HDMI cable (supplied) or AV cable (not supplied). You own the Sky dish. Compatible TV required for Ultra-HD and 3D. If you live in a flat, installation of our shared dish is subject to survey and your Managing Agent's agreement. Email address required so we can keep in touch about your services. Third party apps: experience may differ from the same app on other devices. Existing Sky TV customers with Sky HD: When you upgrade to Sky Q you will keep the products you already have, including Sky Talk and Line Rental and Sky Cinema and/or Sky Sports. You will lose the recordings on your current box. Any Sky Multiscreen boxes you may have won't work. These have to be replaced by Sky Q Mini boxes (see above for pricing). Further terms and charges may apply. You do not have to subscribe to Sky TV - the SkyHD box is available directly from Sky's call centre (standard set-up £199) - limited to one per household.

  • General and further terms

    Subject to status. Upfront payment may be required. Prices may go up during your subscription. Non-standard set-up may cost extra. Weekend set-up £15 extra. Prices may vary if you live in a flat. Sky functionality requires two satellite feeds. You must get any consents required (e.g. landlord's).

    UK, Channel Islands & Isle of Man residential customers only. These offers are not available with any other offers. Further terms apply. Correct at 1 May 2019.

    Calls to Sky for non-Sky Talk customers cost 7p per minute plus your provider's access charge. Calls to 080 numbers are free. Calls to non-inclusive service numbers on a Sky Talk tariff will be charged 15p per minute access charge and a service charge from the owning operator.

    Contact us if you wish to cancel during your cooling off period.

    Read the full text of our customer contracts.

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