Switching to Sky Broadband & Talk

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Already decided to switch to Sky Broadband? Here’s everything you need to know about what’ll happen next.

Cancelling your current provider

Normally we can let your provider know you’re switching to Sky Broadband & Talk, so you don’t have to. But sometimes you’ll need to cancel directly with them.

You’ll need to get in touch with your provider to cancel directly if:

  • You’re with Virgin Media or another provider that doesn’t use the Openreach network; or
  • You’re moving to a Sky package that uses full fibre and:
    • You don’t use full fibre with your current provider; and
    • You aren’t transferring your phone number to Sky.

Tip: To avoid any days without any broadband, tell your current provider your Sky activation date so they can cancel as close to that as possible. How to check or change your activation date.

Your Sky hub

We’ll send you a Sky hub before the activation day. But you don’t need to set it up until we’ve texted to tell you we’ve switched on your broadband.

Your Sky Broadband activated? Here’s how to set up your Sky hub.

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Your phone number

Most of the time you can keep your existing number when moving to Sky Talk. Just let us know your existing number and your phone provider when placing your order.

Good to know: Order Sky Talk before cancelling with your current provider – we won’t be able to transfer your number if you cancel with them first.

If we can’t transfer your number or you want a new one, you’ll get an email or letter with your new number. Or sign in to My Account to see it.

Activating your Sky Broadband

In most cases we can switch on your broadband without you needing to be home. On your activation date we’ll connect you anytime up to midnight and send you a text to let you know. If we can’t activate your broadband remotely, we’ll book an engineer to install your line.

We’ll tell you how we’ll activate your line and your activation date when you ordered. Need to check these? Sign in to Track my order.

Sky Broadband Boost

Purchased Sky Broadband Boost? When your broadband has been activated you’ll also get access to all its features:

  • Engineer visits at a time that suits you, even evening and weekends, at no extra cost.
  • A reliable connection is important, so we’ll run daily checks on your line. If it’s not up to scratch, we’ll text you to let you know we’re fixing it fast.
  • If your broadband drops out, we’ll put 2GB in your Sky Mobile Piggybank.
  • Put control of your family’s screen time in your hands with Sky Broadband Buddy. Download the app once your Broadband is active

Haven’t purchased Sky Broadband Boost yet? There’s still time to add it – Contact us using the buttons below.