Sky Mobile bills and payments

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Your mobile bill is separate to your other Sky bills.

Your Sky Mobile bill

  • View your bill or make a payment. Check your bill and see a detailed breakdown online or in the My Sky app. Pay your phone bill by making a payment online or pay off your credit agreement early by making additional payments towards it.

  • Help with your bill. Get help understanding your monthly Sky Mobile bill or if your bill's higher or lower than you expected this month, find out why with our bill troubleshooting steps.

  • Bill and payment dates. Find out when your bill is issued each month and when your payment is due. If you don’t pay your bill by your payment date, we might charge a late payment fee.

  • Change your payment details. Change your payment date to a day that suits you or if you've changed your bank details you can set up a new Direct Debit or payment method online. All Direct Debit payments are protected by the Direct Debit guarantee.

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