Connect to your broadband network

What do you want to connect to your broadband?

Need help with a different type of device? See the user manual that came with your device or go to the manufacturers website.

To connect your devices to Sky Broadband you'll need your Sky Hub and, if you want to connect wirelessly, a wireless-enabled device.

Also make sure your Sky Hub is fully set up and ready to go. If it's not, follow our Set up your Sky Hub guide.

This includes making sure your Sky Hub's positioned correctly so there's the clearest Wi-fi signal possible from it:

  • Move your Hub to a central part of the home, if possible.
  • The Hub should be at least 1 metre off the ground and not too close to the ceiling.
  • Keep the Hub out in the open, ideally with at least 30cm between it and any other electrical devices.
  • Avoid placing the Hub too close to other wireless devices, such as a cordless phone base station.

This help guide will help you:

  • Connect an Android device to your Wi-Fi network
  • Connect an Apple device to your Wi-Fi network
  • Connect a computer or laptop to your Wi-Fi network
  • Connect a Sky box to your Wi-Fi network
  • Connect a games console to your Wi-Fi network
  • Connect to the internet with a wired connection