Voice Guidance

What is Voice Guidance

Voice Guidance is a screen-reader on Sky Q, providing spoken navigational guidance for people with a sight impairment. It speaks out items on the screen as you navigate with the remote control.

Voice Guidance is available for Sky Q menus, rails, grids, the TV Guide and the Mini TV Guide, Show pages, Voice search and On Screen Messages

It isn't available yet in apps such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime.

To use Voice Guidance, your Sky Q box needs to be connected to broadband.

How to switch on Voice Guidance

There are two ways to activate Voice Guidance on your Sky Q box.

If you have a Sky Q voice remote, the easiest way is to say “Voice Guidance on” to turn it on and “Voice Guidance off” to turn it off. You can also use phrases such as “Turn on Voice Guidance” and “Start talking TV guide”.

Or you can switch it on via the accessibility menu:

  1. Press home. Now press the down arrow 11 times to highlight Settings, then press the right arrow or Select button.
  2. Press the down arrow 3 times to highlight Accessibility then press the right arrow or Select button.
  3. Press the down arrow 5 times for Voice Guidance, then press right arrow or the Select button for the Voice Guidance menu.
  4. Next:
    • Press up arrow twice for ‘On with hints’ and press Select.
    • Press up arrow once for ‘On without hints’ and press Select.

Image showing voice guidance selected in settings menu


Hints are additional pieces of information spoken by Voice Guidance which provide instructions to the user and describe the layout of the current menu.

Example 1

  • With hints off: “Home, 1 of 14”
  • With hints on: “Home, 1 of 14, Press Right or Select to choose”

Example 2

  • With hints off:” All channels”

  • With hints on: “All channels, press up, down, left or right to navigate through the TV Guide”

    If you're new to using Voice Guidance, we recommend that you keep hints enabled. Once you are comfortable in how to get around your Sky Q box, you may wish to change to ‘Without Hints’.

Dolby Digital Audio

If you've selected Dolby Digital as your Sound option via HDMI or Optical on your Sky Q box, activating Voice Guidance will change this to Normal. If you switch off Voice Guidance, you’ll need to change your Sound option if you want to use Dolby Digital.

To do this:

  1. Press Home, and select Settings.
  2. Move down to Setup, then select Audio Visual.
  3. And select Digital Output for either HDMI or Optical and change to your preferred sound option.

Please note: This menu is not currently supported by Voice Guidance.

Fixing problems with Voice Guidance

If Voice Guidance is switched on but isn't working, first check that your broadband is working and your Sky Q box is connected.

If it had become disconnected at any point, the box may need to be rebooted at the mains in order to re-establish the connection with Voice Guidance.

If it has become disconnected, the option in Settings may still display as being switched on, but not be working. Simply follow the above steps to fix.