Viewing card error messages on Sky+

Are you seeing one of the below error messages?

  • “There is a problem with your viewing card, ensure your Sky viewing card is correctly inserted"
  • "Insert your Sky viewing card"
  • "No card"

If you are, check that your viewing card is firmly inserted with the arrows pointing towards your Sky box and the card chip facing down. The viewing card is located at the front of the box in the bottom right-hand corner - on some boxes it's exposed, however on others it's behind a plastic cover/flap which can be pulled down.

If you're still seeing the message, reset your viewing card.

Or are you seeing one of these messages?

  • "Request was not successful, to find out more call or go to"
  • "This is the wrong card for this set-top box"

If you are, you'll need to activate your viewing card and pair it to your Sky box.

Seeing Viewing card not authorised?

If you're waiting for Sky Q to be installed and get a 'Viewing card not authorised' message while watching Sky+, you'll need to pair the new viewing card we've sent you ahead of your installation.

To do this, simply remove your old viewing card from your Sky+ box, insert the new one and activate it.

Seeing Initialising new viewing card?

If you've recently inserted a new viewing card, you'll see this message. It should clear within a few minutes. If the message is stuck on screen, reset your viewing card and complete a software update.

Are you seeing a different error message? Try typing your on screen message into our error message lookup tool.

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