Using the standby settings

If your Sky Q box is switching itself to standby, it's taking a while to switch on, or you’re having connectivity problems with your Sky Q Mini box before 5:45am, it may be because your Sky Q box standby mode is set to either Eco or Active

The energy saving settings for your Sky Q box are Eco or Active.


When your Sky Q box is installed, it's set to Eco. This is the recommended setting as the box consumes less energy by going into low power mode between 2.30am and 5:45am. It won’t go into this mode until any scheduled recordings are complete.


Bringing your box out of Eco mode will take a few minutes and if you try to use your Sky Q Mini box before 5:45am, you may experience connectivity issues. To stop this, you’ll need to switch your standby setting to Active or None.

Should you change your setting from Eco to Active or None, you will see a confirmation message on-screen. Press Confirm to continue.

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The Active setting will go into standby after a period of inactivity and your Sky Q box will have an amber light.


Changing the standby settings

To change your standby settings:

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote and select Settings, then Setup.
  2. Select Preferences, followed by Standby mode and select the setting you want.

Fixing the standby settings

If your box is stuck in standby mode or has a continuous red or amber light, follow our Sky Q box won't turn on help guide.