Using the sports red button

Red Button extras are only available during certain events, and will require an active Broadband connection.


To open

When you see a red button symbol on screen. press the red button on your Sky Q remote or the button with the four coloured dots on your Sky Glass or Sky Stream remote. Your Sky Glass or Sky Stream remote will know you selected the red button when the red button symbol is on screen.

Key Information

You won't be able to use any of the rewind/pause options if you access the broadcast through the red button on Sky Q. To use this feature you’ll need to access the Ultra HD broadcast via the Sports menu, instead of the on-screen prompt.

What's available

To exit

Scroll left to go back a page, and press Dismiss to exit. If you're watching a video, press Dismiss twice to go back to your TV show.

Please note:  If the maximum number of recordings is set to 6 on a Sky Q 2TB box, you won’t be able to use sports recap and a number of other features. To re-enable this, change the maximum number to 5.

Sky Q only: How to change the settings

On the Sky Q 2TB box:

A screenshot of the Sky Q preferences screen where the maximum number of recordings has been changed from 5 to 6

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote, then settings followed by Setup and then Preferences.
  2. Select Maximum number of recordings and change the setting to 6.

The Sky Q box will then restart and the customer's maximum number of recordings will be set to 5.

Fixing problems with the Sky Sports Red Button

Check the Broadband connection

Make sure the Sky Q box, Sky Glass or Sky Stream is connected to the broadband:

  1. On your main Sky Q box, Sky Glass or Sky Stream, press Home on your Sky remote, then select Settings, followed by Status.
  2. Select Network connection and check the status of the Connection to Internet and Connection to router.

If either Connection to Internet or Connection to router show a cross, follow our Sky Q Connectivity troubleshooting guide. (Sky Q only)