Using Paramount+ with Sky

What is Paramount+?

Paramount+ is a brand-new streaming service from Paramount, showcasing everything from blockbuster movies to new originals and iconic shows.

It's available to Sky TV customers with Sky Cinema at no extra cost (normally £6.99 a month from Paramount+).

Sky Cinema subscribers with Sky Glass, Sky Stream or Sky Q can use the Paramount+ app on their TV and other devices. Sky+ customers can watch TV shows and movies from Paramount+ on their Sky box.

Not yet a Sky Cinema customer? Get in touch with us today to upgrade.

Now available to those without Sky Cinema

If you don't have Sky Cinema, you can subscribe to Paramount+ on Sky Marketplace.

How to get Paramount+

On Sky Glass, Sky Stream and Sky Q

Open the Paramount+ app

Get Paramount+

Sky Q

Go to Apps on your Sky Q box and select the Paramount+ app. Or say Paramount+ into your voice remote.

Open the Paramount+ app and click Get Paramount+.

Click Confirm.

Sky Glass and Sky Stream

Go to My Sky, then click Sky Shop and select the Paramount+ app. Or, say "Get Paramount Plus" into your Sky remote.

Open the Paramount+ app and click Get Paramount+.

Click Confirm.

Create your account

Paramount+ on screen instructions

Scan the QR code shown on screen, or go to

Sign in with your Sky iD.

You will be taken to Paramount+ to create your account. Enter your email address and choose a password, these do not need to be the same as your Sky iD.

Please double check you've entered your email address correctly before you create your account. If you have made a mistake, you'll need to contact Paramount+ to get it fixed.

Go back to the app

Open the Paramount+ app again

Open the Paramount+ app on your Sky Glass TV, Sky Stream puck or Sky Q box again.

Click Sign in with Paramount+ (the button will turn blue when selected).

Sign in to Paramount+

Sign in to Paramount+

You can click to sign in either On the web or On my TV.

If you select On the web, you will be asked to go to on your computer or mobile device, and enter the code shown on your screen.

If you select On my tv, you will be asked to enter the sign in details you created on the Paramount+ website.

Once you complete either of these, you will be signed in to Paramount+.

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Use your Sky remote to select the TV show or movie you want to watch.

When you're watching a show or movie, you can press the Select button to pause, fast forward or rewind.

To show subtitles or change the audio track, press Select, then Up and click the closed caption icon.

Press the Back button to close the menu.

Your Paramount+ account will cancel if you upgrade to Sky Glass or Sky Stream - but don't worry, you can sign up again.

On Sky+

Sky+ customers with Sky Cinema will see Paramount+ TV shows and movies available on their Sky box. They aren't able to sign up to the app.

Want the full Paramount+ experience? You'll need to upgrade to Sky Q, Sky Glass or Sky Stream.

What can I watch on Paramount+?

  • Some of the biggest movie franchises and award-winning classics, from Mission Impossible to Transformers, with more Hollywood blockbusters throughout the rest of 2022.
  • New originals and exclusive series such as Yellowjackets S2, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and The Family Stallone.
  • And a huge variety of iconic shows like South Park and Special Ops: Lioness.

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