Subtitles on Sky

Subtitles are available for live, On Demand, Catch Up, Box Sets, and Sky Cinema content. Around 90% of Sky’s own content has subtitles, and other broadcasters such as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, UKTV and more also offer subtitles.

If a show or movie doesn’t have subtitles, it’s because subtitles haven’t been created by the broadcaster, who is responsible for creating and uploading them.

We also offer signed shows, and work with the British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT) to bring more BSL shows to Sky. For more information about sign language and signed programming on Sky, read our guide to sign language and signed programming on Sky.

Key Information

Subtitles are now available for On Demand content in the Sky Go app on tablet, mobile and desktop devices. They are not available on live content or in recordings in the Sky Go app, or on consoles. Subtitles are not available in the Sky Kids app, or on the Sky Store section of the set top box. For more help, read our guide to switching on subtitles.