Software or build versions and Sky boxes

We're always working on improving Sky to bring you more of what you love. That's why over the years, we've released a few different Sky boxes and software versions.

If you're not sure which software version or Sky box you've got, it's easy to check.

If you want to upgrade your Sky box, head to for the latest offers.

If you have box model 32B0xx and want to upgrade your Sky box, visit the Shop section within the My account area on your Sky Q box for the latest offers.

Sky and HDR

Some of our Sky Q boxes are HDR-capable. To watch Sky Q in HDR, you’ll also need an Ultra HD or Sky Q experience (known as Sky Q Multiscreen in the Republic of Ireland) subscription, and an HLG HDR-ready TV. To see if your TV is HDR-ready, check your TV manual or manufacturer’s website:

If you want to watch Ultra HD HDR but have a box with model number 32B0xx you can upgrade to a HDR capable box by accessing Shop in your ‘My account’ tab on your Sky Q Box.