Can't download Sky Q on demand content

If you can't download from On Demand, shows keep getting stuck in the download queue or at 0%, you get a No Subscription error when trying to download, or nothing happens when you try to download a show, these steps should fix your problem.

Check your broadband

You need an active broadband connection to download shows and movies On Demand. To check your box is connected:

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote then scroll to Settings
  2. Select Status followed by Network connection then Network setup
  3. Check both connection to broadband router and Connection to internet are ticked.

If there's a cross next to either one, there might be a problem with your internet or with your Sky Q connectivity. Follow our Sky Q connectivity troubleshooting guide for more help.

If you're seeing a "Call to Upgrade" error message when trying to download On Demand, visit our help article.

Important information

If you have a business, 4G, or point-to-point broadband subscription, you won't be able to download shows from On Demand because of your router configuration. You'll need to contact your broadband provider to see if there are any known workarounds for the issue.

If you have a satellite broadband subscription, On Demand won't work on your Sky Q box and you'll need to contact us for more help.