Can't download Sky Q on demand content

If you're having any of these problems:

  • Can't download from On Demand.
  • Show gets stuck in the download queue or at 0%.
  • You get a No Subscription error when trying to download.
  • Nothing happens when trying to download.

Then follow these instructions.

Check your broadband

You need an active broadband connection to download shows and movies On Demand. To check your box is connected:

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote then scroll to Settings
  2. Select Status followed by Network connection then Network setup
  3. Check both connection to broadband router and Connection to internet are ticked.

If there's a cross next to either one, there might be a problem with your internet or with your Sky Q connectivity. Follow our Sky Q connectivity troubleshooting guide for more help.

If you're seeing a "Call to Upgrade" error message when trying to download On Demand, visit our help article.

If you have a business, 4G, or point-to-point broadband subscription, you won't be able to download shows from On Demand because of your router configuration. You'll need to contact your broadband provider to see if there are any known workarounds for the issue.

If you have a satellite broadband subscription, On Demand won't work on your Sky Q box and you'll need to contact us for more help.

Pause and resume the download

If you have a working broadband connection and your download is stuck at 1%, try pausing then resuming your download:

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote and select Recordings.
  2. Select Manage then Downloading and then select Pause queue.
  3. To resume downloading, select Resume queue.

Good to know: Selecting Pause queue stops all downloads. You can't pause individual downloads.

Check the software version on the Sky Q box

  1. Press Home on your Sky Q remote, then select Settings followed by System info
  2. Make a note of the Hardware Version and Software Version
  3. Type the Hardware version into the Model Number Lookup Tool.
  4. Check the Software Version listed in the tool matches the Software Version on your Sky Q box

If they match, your box is already on the latest software. If they don’t match, perform a manual software update:

  1. Press Home on the Sky Q remote, then select Settings followed by System info
  2. Select Software version followed by Setup
  3. Select Software Download to begin downloading the latest software
  4. You’ll see the message Software update in progress. Don’t switch off the Sky Q box during the download
  5. When you see the message Software download successful. Your box will complete the installation next time it goes into standby, press standby on the Sky Q remote to turn the box off. The Sky Q box should now restart itself.
  6. Wait for the on-screen instructions to disappear, then press Home on the Sky Q remote.
  7. Check Settings to make sure the Software Version has successfully updated. If it hasn’t’, repeat the software download process.

Restart your Sky Q box

  1. Press standby on your Sky Q remote, then switch off or unplug your box at the mains.
  2. Check there are no lights on the front panel of your Sky Q box and all cables are securely connected.
  3. Plug in and switch your Sky Q box back on at the mains.
  4. Wait for the on-screen instructions to disappear then press Home on your Sky Q remote.

Some features may take up to 5 minutes to return.

If restarting your Sky Q box doesn't fix the problem, try resetting your settings.

Reset the settings

  1. Press the Home button on your Sky Q remote, highlight Settings then press 0,0,1 and Select.
  2. Select Reset, then Reset settings and select Confirm.
  3. Wait for the on-screen instructions to disappear then press the standby button on the front of your Sky Q box, instead of the Home button on your Sky Q remote.

Resetting the settings will clear any remote pairings you have setup. To re-pair your remote to your Sky Q box, follow our online help guide

Resetting the settings will also reset:

  • Audio visual settings, such as picture resolution and HDMI control
  • Preferences, such as auto-play and standby mode
  • Settings changed within the hidden engineer menu, including LNB type and wireless connectivity
  • Accessibility settings, such as contrast and audio description or subtitle settings Account info for Sky Q TV apps, such as Netflix