Roaming Passport Plus

In your destination, you can access your UK data, calls and texts plan for £2 for 24 hours with our Roaming Passport Plus pass.

Travelling to the USA? From January 2023, to use calls and texts or contact the emergency services, you'll also need a phone that's compatible with VoLTE Roaming. Check if your device is compatible and find out more about Roaming in the USA.

How it works

The £2 pass activates automatically when you're in one of the Roaming Passport Plus destinations and you:

  • make a call; or
  • send a text (SMS); or
  • use data (10MB or more a day)

We’ll text when the 24-hour period has started and again when it's coming to an end, so you can decide what you want to do next. If you don't want to pay another £2 charge, you could turn off data roaming and mobile data when you get the text.

Don’t want to use Roaming Passport Plus? Turn off data roaming and mobile data in your phone settings before you get to your destination and don’t call or text while you’re away.


Data, calls and texts charges

As well as the £2 daily charge, you'll also be charged the following rates:

DataAny data you use will come out of your UK data plan, including the use of any Sky apps
Calls and texts to UK numbersSame charges as if you're in the UK
Calls and texts to destinations outside the UK, including local numbers (e.g. in the USA calling or texting a USA number or a Canadian number)International charges / International Saver charges apply*. See the Sky Mobile tariff guide
VoicemailSame charges as if you're in the UK
Picture messages (MMS)**Same charges as if you're in the UK
Receiving calls and textsFree (won't activate the Roaming Passport Plus pass)
Calls to Sky customer services (150, +44 131 2783778 or +44 3442 414141)Free (won't activate the Roaming Passport Plus pass)
Calls to emergency servicesFree (won't activate the Roaming Passport Plus pass)

*The International Saver is an optional extra that includes discounted calls and texts to 60 worldwide destinations when you're at home in the UK, in the Republic of Ireland or in a Roaming Passport Plus destination abroad. Add / remove the International Saver
**Picture messages (MMS) can only be sent to UK mobile numbers.

Top tip: Before making a call to the UK, check the number you’re dialling starts with 0044 or +44 (not 0046 or +46). If it doesn’t, replace the first ‘0’ with the international dialling code 0044 or +44, otherwise watch out for international call charges.