Roaming Passport Plus

Access your UK data, calls and texts plan in 55 popular holiday destinations for £2 for 24 hours with our Roaming Passport Plus pass.

For calls and texts to destinations outside the UK, including local numbers of the destination you're travelling in, extra charges apply. See Data, calls and texts charges below for more details.

How to add Roaming Passport Plus

You don't need to order or add the pass separately.

The £2 pass activates automatically as soon as you call, text or use data, more than 10MB a day, when you're in a Roaming Passport Plus destination.

Useful info

  • Make sure data roaming and mobile data are turned on in your phone settings.
  • We'll text to confirm the 24 hours has started.
  • We'll text again when the 24-hour period is coming to an end.
  • Any £2 charges and extra roaming charges will be added to your next bill.
  • You'll only be charged for the days you use data, calls and texts.
  • Travelling to the USA? You'll need a phone that's compatible with something called VoLTE Roaming to roam in the USA.

Don't want to be charged for roaming? Just turn off data roaming and mobile data in your phone settings. And don't call or text while you're away.

Top tip

The £2 pass counts towards your monthly spend cap. If your spend cap is set too low or set to £0, it will block you from using your phone abroad. To use the Roaming Passport Plus pass for a week’s holiday, your spend cap would need to be at least £14 a month, £2 x 7 days. Check your spend cap anytime at

Roaming Passport Plus FAQs

Billing and usage