Changes to your Sky Mobile subscription

For us to continue delivering a great experience for all our Sky Mobile customers, we need to review our pricing from time to time.

So from 14 February 2023, we’re changing some of our Mobile data plan prices in the UK.

Why data plan prices are increasing

We’ve tried to keep our prices as low as possible and this is our first price change in five years. The current economic climate has meant we’ve had to review the pricing for some of our data plans. And remember, we don’t raise prices in the middle of your contract.

Which customers will see their price change

Only customers who are no longer in a contract on 14 February, and on certain tariffs will see their price go up. If your contract ends after 14 February 2023, the price of your plan won’t increase. You’ll stay on your current plan and monthly price, unless you choose to Mix.

Sky Mobile offers

Don't worry, any Sky Mobile offers you already have on your data plan(s) will stay the same until the end of your contract.
If you have the free 100MB data plan, your price will increase to £1 per month (if you're out of contract).

When your bill is affected by the price change

The price increase is from 14 February and the first payments will be taken on 17 February. If your payment date is before 17 February, the increase will show on your next bill.
For example, if your usual Sky Mobile payment date is on or after the 17th of each month, you will see the increase on your February 2023 bill.
Payments are taken three days after your bill is issued (unless it falls on a weekend or Bank Holiday). See more info on Sky Mobile bills and payments.

Making the most of your data plan(s)

With Mix, you’re always in control. Choose a data plan that works for you, and change it easily in the My Sky app, whenever you like.

Spare data

You can share any spare data you’ve saved in your Sky Piggybank with any of the SIMs on your account, whenever you want.

Your devices

Only the price of some data plans are increasing. Your monthly payments will stay the same for Phones, tablets and accessories.

Check how long is left on your contract

To get your contract end date, go to: and follow the instructions under ‘You SIM plan contract(s)’.

If you want to cancel your subscription

If you're thinking of leaving us, go to: How to cancel Sky Mobile for more info.
Good to know: You cancel at any point by requesting a PAC Porting Authorisation Code) or STAC (Service Terminating Authorisation Code) if you're switching to a new provider. If you cancel within your minimum term, Early Termination Charges will apply.