Sky Mobile 5G

Add 5G for free and enjoy faster speeds on Sky Mobile.

Download HD movies and stream your favourite shows on apps like Sky Go with 5G faster than ever. In the future, as our 5G network gets even better, you'll also be able to enjoy a more reliable connection and less lag (delays).

Get 5G ready

All you need is:

  • 5G network coverage in your area.
  • A 5G-ready phone (with 5G enabled and the latest software update from Sky).
  • 5G add-on.

Check 5G coverage in your area

Our 5G network is now available in a number of different towns and cities. Coverage won’t be available everywhere across these towns and cities to begin with.

To see where you can get 5G speeds, use our coverage checker ( The best 5G service will be available outdoors.

We’re continuing to roll out our 5G network to even more towns and cities, so keep a look out.

In areas that don't have 5G, you’ll automatically switch to the normal 3G/4G network.

5G-ready devices available on Sky Mobile

Check if your mobile is 5G ready here.

Some device models have both 5G compatible and non-5G versions. To check yours is a 5G compatible model, go to your Mobile account or the My Sky app and check your device description says '5G'.

Shop our latest range of 5G-ready devices and keep a look out for more 5G-ready phones coming soon.

Add or remove the 5G add-on

Sky Mobile 5G is free for everyone. Sign in with your Sky iD and select the phone number or SIM you want to change.

Add or remove 5G add-on

On the My Sky app: Tap Mobile from the bottom menu, select the phone number or SIM you want to make changes to and scroll to the 5G add-on.

Adding the 5G add-on

When you add the 5G add-on, it’ll be ready to use straight away. This will stay as part of your plan every month, but you can choose to remove it whenever you like.

Removing the 5G add-on

By removing it, you’ll no longer be able to use 5G. This won’t take effect until after your next bill date. Until then, 5G will stay on your account and can’t be removed any sooner.

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