Sky Glass, Sky Stream and Sky Live Key Facts - Terms and Conditions (UK)

This page contains key facts, as well as links to some important information about our Sky Glass subscriptions and services for new customers in the United Kingdom.

The full Sky terms and conditions that apply to the services new customers receive from us can be found by selecting the appropriate option on this page (please select the appropriate link from the drop-down boxes to be taken to the relevant document or webpage).

If you have any questions or want to talk to us about any of this, please contact us.

Getting your services up and running

  • If you don’t have one, you'll need to create a Sky ID and link your Sky Account to track your order. Follow the on-screen instructions to get your device up and running.

  • Your services are for domestic use only.

  • You’ll have separate contracts for your Sky Glass subscription, Sky Glass and loan (if taken).

  • The Sky Go app only works on compatible devices. Please visit here for information on setting up the Sky Go app and the supported devices.

  • The personal information we’ve collected from you will be shared with fraud prevention agencies who’ll use it to prevent fraud and money laundering and to verify your identity. If fraud is detected, you could be refused certain services, finance or employment. Further details of how your information will be used by us and these fraud prevention agencies, and your data protection rights, can be found by visiting

  • You can view our privacy and cookies notice online. You can also choose not to be contacted about other products and services at any time.

  • We may show tailored advertising when you watch content on your Sky Glass and other devices, as described in the Privacy & Cookies Notice which can be found on our website. It also contains details about how you can change your preferences.

  • Other important information and copies of your contract will be sent to you and available in your My Sky account.

Delivery of your Sky Glass equipment

  • You own your Sky Glass products once they’re delivered to you and you’re responsible for them.

  • If you have ordered a Sky Glass TV you must ensure that the courier is able to safely access your property on your agreed delivery day and either you or someone who is over 18 is present to give instructions.

  • If you have ordered a Sky Glass TV the courier will unpack your Sky Glass device and place it on a clear flat surface of your choice.

  • The Sky Glass products are self-install.

Pricing & Billing

  • You agree that we’ll automatically activate your Sky Glass subscription and start billing you 14 days after delivery, if you haven't already done it.

  • Your package will return to our standard price when any offers you have end.

  • Your 31-day cooling off period starts when your Sky Glass products are delivered.

  • If you have or are taking Broadband with Sky, this will be separate to your Streaming TV bill.

Returning Sky Glass Customers

Your bill will cover you from the date you activated, plus the normal month in advance.

Your Sky Glass experience

  • You need to connect your Sky Glass products to broadband to access your Streaming TV subscription.

  • You need to connect your Sky Glass to a digital aerial if you want to view DTT channels.

  • To view any DTT broadcast channels with a TV aerial, you need to disconnect Sky Glass from Broadband.

  • Your Sky Glass will function as a TV without a Sky Glass subscription, but your device will have limited functionality if you don’t register it or have an active subscription.

Energy efficiency ratings: o Small TV: Your 43 inch Sky Glass TV has an energy efficiency rating of G on a scale of A-G. o Medium TV: Your 55 inch Sky Glass TV has an energy efficiency rating of F on a scale of A-G. o Large TV: Your 65 inch Sky Glass TV has an energy efficiency rating of E on a scale of A-G. o More information about energy efficiency, including the labels can be found at or you can request a copy.

  • After the warranty for your Sky Glass TV has expired, we offer a repair service option. Please go here for more details.

Sky Stream puck

  • Sky Stream Pucks are compatible with any TV’s that have an HDMI input.

  • Sky Stream Pucks will not work without an active relevant subscription.

  • Sky Stream Pucks are loaned at no cost, but you may have to pay an upfront charge for setup. You’ll need to return any Pucks when your service ends, but the good news is if you ever have any issues, you won’t be charged for any replacements.

Your Streaming TV subscription

  • To get the best Sky Glass experience, we recommend a minimum broadband download speed of 25Mbps. Any viewing or downloads will count towards any usage cap you have on your broadband service.

  • If you or anyone else uses your account or TV service anywhere other than at your address, we may charge you a separate subscription for use at that other address based on the price of your subscription. We will notify you before applying that additional charge.

Whole Home

To watch your TV service on additional screens at the same time, you need a compatible TV, a Sky Stream Puck, the Whole Home pack, and we recommend a minimum broadband download speed of 30Mbps.

Sky Ultra HDR and Dolby Atmos® To view Sky content on your Sky Glass in Ultra HD and with Dolby Atmos surround sound you need the Sky Ultra HDR and Dolby Atmos®pack and we recommend a minimum broadband download speed of 30Mbps. • To view Sky content in HD or Ultra HD via a Sky Stream Puck, you must use with an HD or Ultra HD compatible TV and have the Sky Ultra HDR and Dolby Atmos® pack to view in Ultra HD. • To view content in Dolby Atmos surround sound via a Sky Stream puck, you must connect the puck to a Dolby Atmos compatible HD or UHD TV or to a Dolby Atmos compatible sound system via HDMI. • To watch in Ultra HD and on another screen at the same time, you need the Whole Home pack, the Sky Ultra HDR and Dolby Atmos® pack and we recommend a minimum broadband download speed of 35Mbps.


  • Netflix Basic Plan allows you to watch on one screen and in standard definition.

  • Netflix Standard Plan allows you to watch on 2 screens and in HD.

  • Netflix Premium Plan allows you to watch on 4 screens and in Ultra HD.

  • To watch Netflix in HD or Ultra HD, you must watch on a compatible device, including Sky Glass

  • Netflix is streamed via broadband. A minimum download speed per stream of 3.0 Mbps for Netflix Basic (SD content) and 5.0 Mbps for Netflix Standard (HD content) and 25.0 Mbps for Netflix Premium (Ultra HD content) is recommended.

  • You can view Netflix’s Privacy Statement on

While Netflix is part of your Sky TV package or linked to it, if, and to the extent that the Netflix Terms of Use related to billing, payments and cancellations (except section 3.2) conflict with the terms of your Streaming TV customer contract, the Streaming TV terms shall prevail.

Sky Store

  • You can view your existing Buy & Keep purchases, and any further Buy & Keep purchases or rentals made via, via the Sky Store Player app on Sky Glass.

  • To use the Sky Store Player app you need a Sky Store online account, which you can sign up for on using the Sky ID associated with your Sky account. If you’re an existing Sky Q customer moving from Q to Glass, you should use the Sky ID details you had for Sky Q on the Sky Store Player app.

Apps on Sky Platforms

  • If you have multiple Sky TV accounts that are linked (for example, you have Sky TV at different properties and have linked the accounts) you will be unable to order and set up any apps via Sky. You can still access the apps on your Sky devices if you order and set-up the app account with someone else (for example, the app provider).

If you are moving from Sky+ or Sky Q

  • If you currently have a Sky TV subscription, we’ll bill you until your Streaming TV subscription is activated. Any overpayments will be credited to your account.

  • If you’re moving from Sky+, you will not be able to go back to Sky+ once your Streaming TV service is active.

  • If you’re moving from Sky Q, you’ll need to send back your Sky Q boxes within 60 days of your cooling off period for your Sky Glass TV ending, or you may incur a non-return charge. We’ll send you packaging to return these.

  • If you have any third party subscriptions (excluding apps) that you don't pay for through Sky, but view on your current Sky platform, you’ll no longer be able to view these on the Streaming TV platform. It’s your responsibility to cancel billing with that third party provider if you want to cease those services.

  • If you have Disney+ which you pay for through Sky, this won’t automatically be transferred to your Sky Glass subscription and will be cancelled alongside your Sky Q/Sky+ service. If you want to continue to use this service, you’ll need to sign up with Disney+ directly.

  • Any recordings you have on Sky Q/Sky+ will not transfer over to Sky Glass. Buy and Keep purchases will still be accessible.

  • If you are an existing Sky TV or Sky Q customer and have offers on your current package, these are not transferrable to a Stream TV account.

  • Sky Box Office events purchased on Sky Q/Sky+ will not transfer over to Sky Glass.

  • If you cancel your order for a TV service we will not be able to put you back to your previous Sky TV and Sky Q subscription package unless it is currently available to new customers on the same terms.

If you have purchased a Sky Live Camera

  • The Sky Live Camera is only compatible with Sky Glass.

  • For the Sky Live Camera to work, you will need an additional 5Mbps Broadband download speed above the recommended minimum speed for Sky Glass.

  • For any video apps on the Sky Live Camera you will need a minimum Broadband upload speed of 5Mbps.

  • You need an active Sky Glass Subscription to use the apps on Sky Live Camera, with the exception of Zoom.

  • For some Sky Live apps to work, you will need a subscription with the app provider, which may cost you extra.


Information on how we deal with complaints and options for alternative dispute resolution, can be found in our 'Complaints Code of Practice' which you’ll find by visiting ‘Complaints’ on You can also visit our Complaints Code of Practice here, or Online Dispute Resolution here.

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