Sky box running slow

If your Sky+HD box is running slowly, these simple steps should speed things up a bit.

Check for ventilation issues

Make sure your Sky box is well ventilated and it's not:

  • placed on a carpet, soft surface or in an enclosed space, such such as a closed cabinet (allow at least 10cm of space above and on all sides of the Sky box).
  • stacked with other devices on top of, underneath, or beside your Sky box.
  • close to other heat sources, such as vents on TVs and electronic devices, radiators and direct sunlight.

Restart the Sky box

  1. Press standby on your Sky remote, then switch off or unplug your Sky box at the mains socket.
  2. Check there's no lights on the front of your Sky box.
  3. Plug in and switch your Sky box back on at the mains socket. Check the power light has returned.
  4. Wait at least 4 minutes and press Sky to switch on your Sky box.

Most features will work straight away, but Search, TV Guide and the Planner may take a few minutes.

If you're still having problems, you'll need to book an engineer visit.