Short codes

  • Short codes are usually 5 digit numbers that can be used for services like voting on TV shows or donating to charity whilst paying through your monthly mobile bill.


  • You can call or text to access short code services, however they’re not covered by your normal monthly call and text allowances.

  • The charge for short codes will be the standard charge for calling or sending a text message plus an additional charge as listed by the provider of the service.

  • For more details about specific short codes, including charges and service provider contact details, visit the PSA (Phone-paid Service Authority) website.


  • Unfortunately Sky Mobile customers won’t be able to make a donation to Sport Relief 2018 via text (SMS) as this service isn’t currently supported. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused. For details of other ways you can donate, visit the Sport Relief website.

  • If you’re having problems calling or sending a text to a short code, there’s usually an alternative number to call using a full dial code or an online option; we recommend you use these alternatives where possible.

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