Safety and security on your Sky products

At Sky, we're here to help make your online experience safe for the entire household.

The internet makes everyday activities like shopping and banking more convenient than ever and it’s a great place for entertainment, communication and learning for children and adults alike. Providing you with the necessary tools and advice, Sky can help you protect your personal information and create a safe online experience at home.

Email safety


If you use Sky Yahoo Mail, find out what Yahoo are doing and what you can do to help keep your account safe. 

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Sky Broadband Shield

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Sky Broadband Shield is our online tool that comes with our Sky Broadband packages at no extra cost, giving you control over your family's online experience.

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Accessing websites

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If you're having trouble viewing certain websites they may have been blocked by your security settings.

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Reporting online crime

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If you've been the victim of online crime or have encountered suspicious online behaviour, you can report details to official organisations, including Action Fraud, the UK's national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre.

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Online child protection

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Any inappropriate behaviour such as aggressive or sexual conversations, making a child feel uncomfortable or insisting on meeting can be reported to CEOP.

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Report online terrorist material

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There’s a chance you may come across online content related to terrorism. This could be articles, images, videos or speeches encouraging people to commit acts of terrorism.

If you see any suspicious online content, you can report it to the government anonymously.

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Sky Broadband Shield

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Sky Broadband Shield is our online tool available at no extra cost to Sky Broadband customers. It helps give you control over your family's online experience, across all in-home internet-connected devices.

Sky Broadband Shield also helps provide protection against phishing and malware-infected sites.

The watershed feature allows you to set age rating restrictions depending on time of day.

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Security advice

For help keeping you and your information safe and advice on how to protect yourself against identity fraud, see our useful information and tips.

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Parental control settings

We also have parental control settings, that automatically block 18+ rated websites.

Parental Controls for Sky Mobile >

Internet Matters

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To help ensure that your children's online experience is a safe one, Sky are proud partners of Internet Matters, who provide online safety advice and support for parents.

At a time when children are starting the new school term, parents have a heightened level of concern about the use of smartphones and social media in terms of online safety. Internet Matters provide a helping hand to guide parents through this time with a variety of expert advice and simple steps they can take to help navigate their child's digital playground. This includes advice on setting up devices safely, using social media responsibly and helping children develop their digital resilience through having regular conversations.

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Parental controls

Sky offers PIN-protected parental controls for Sky TV and Sky Go to ensure your family only sees appropriate on demand content.

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We also provide parental controls for other services including:

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At Sky we know how much you value quality content and we do what we can, including complying with court orders to help protect copyright.

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Find out more about how Sky Broadband, Talk and TV products conform with the Ofcom General Condition on network resilience and security.

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