"Recording selection failed"

Check your other recordings

If possible, watch two more recordings on your Sky box which were recorded on different days and channels.

If your problem is with a specific recording, highlight the failed recording in Planner, then press R. Highlight another showing and press select to set another recording or to download from On Demand.

If your problem is with multiple recordings, complete a Planner Rebuild

Planner rebuild

A Planner Rebuild stops any current recordings and restarts your Sky box. It won't delete anything from your Planner.

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  1. Press services on your Sky remote, select Help and then select Sky+ Rebuild. You'll see a confirmation banner.
  2. Press select to confirm. The banner changes to Housekeeping please wait. This can take a few minutes to complete. The screen will go blank and the Sky box will switch itself off.
  3. If Housekeeping please wait displays for more than 3 minutes, or the screen goes back to the previous menu, power the Sky box off and back on at the mains to restart the box.
  4. Wait at least 4 minutes then press sky to switch on your Sky box.

Once your Sky box has restarted some features such as Search, TV Guide and the Planner may take a few minutes before they’re available.


Seeing a different error message? Try typing your on screen message into our error message lookup tool.

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