Using and Managing Recordings on Sky Q

With Sky Q, you can record all your favourite shows, so you never miss an episode again. You can find all your recordings by pressing Sky on your Sky Q remote, or by pressing Home then scrolling to Recordings.

Looking for help with downloads?

If you need help with downloading shows and movies On Demand, head to Downloading on Sky Q instead.

How to record

You can schedule a recording for a TV or radio show up to 7 days before it airs. Simply find the programme you want to record in your TV Guide and press Record.

Not at home? No problem. Download the Sky Go app and download or record shows straight from your phone or tablet to your Sky Q box*.

*Sky Multiscreen is required for this feature.

Recording Red button programmes

Some football listings let you choose from two available games on the same channel. You can record either of these games by finding the event in the TV Guide or Sports, pressing Record, highlighting the individual match you want to record, and pressing Record again.

Need more help learning how to record? Visit our step by step video.

Series links

When you record a show, a series link will automatically be added to record all future episodes and seasons of a show, as well as any related shows (for example, The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice). Series Links will also be set up automatically when you download then play back the latest episode of the latest series of a programme from Catch Up TV.

Good to know: Series links aren't available for all shows and channels; and a series link for the next episode won't appear in your scheduled recordings until the current one's started or ended.

Sky Q record

Sports links

Series Links aren't available on the Sky Sports Main Event channel, or live games on the Sky Sports football channel for English Football League matches.

F1 Series Links will link from the practices, to the qualifiers, to the main event, one after the other. Once the main race starts recording, a link will be set for the following practices. You can't series link the main event only, as they're linked to the next practice races.

F1 races will only show the next set of recordings 7 days before they start, so don't worry if you don't see future recordings in your planner just yet.

Movie links on Entertainment channels

Some Entertainment channels show movies that have a break part way through, for example for the News. In these instances, the movie's split in two, meaning you'll need to set a Series Link when you record the first part so that both parts of the movie record.

Removing series links

To take the series link off, simply highlight the programme in your TV Guide and press Record, or remove it from the Scheduled tab of the Recordings section.

Live Pause and Rewind

You can pause live TV and rewind on a channel on Sky Q for up to one hour, by pressing the Play/Pause button on your remote control. After the hour is up, the programme will then continue to play from the point you paused it.

You can also rewind on a channel up to one hour, however this will depend on how long you have been viewing the channel for (e.g. if you have only be watching Sky News for 20mins, the rewind buffer is only 20mins).

Watching your recordings

You can find your recordings by pressing Sky on your remote, or by pressing Home then scrolling to Recordings.

  • Simply select the programme you want to watch, and it'll start playing.
  • Part way through a recording? It'll pick up from where you left off.
  • Want to watch from the start? Just select Watch from start.

Image showing recording screens

Image showing recording screens

Persistent PIN

Persistent PIN makes binge watching your favourite shows easy. It means you only have to enter your Sky TV PIN once when auto-playing recordings or downloads, unless:

  • The next episode has a higher age rating (e.g. the first episode was a 12 but the next episode is a 15).
  • The next episode either starts or will be playing during the watershed time (before 8pm for 12 and 15 rated shows, or before 9pm for 18 rated shows.

Keep Awake

Keep Awake means you'll never lose your place in your TV marathons again. After 4 hours of inactivity when auto-playing recordings and downloads, we'll ask you to confirm you're still watching by pressing any button on your Sky Q remote.

Managing your recordings

You can manage your recordings from the Recordings section on your Planner.


To delete a recording, go to Manage and select the programme you want to delete.

Made a mistake? Go to Manage followed by Deleted and select Undelete. You can also permanently delete programmes from here.

For more help with deleting your recordings, visit our help video.


Want to cancel a recording you've scheduled? Go to Schedules and select Cancel recording.

Recording Limits

  • With a Sky Q 1TB box, you can record three programmes at the same time whilst watching another.
  • With a Sky Q 2TB and Sky Q 1TB UHD box, you can record up to six programmes while watching live TV.

Sky Q 2TB and Sky Q 1TB UHD boxes are automatically set up to record five programmes at the same time whilst watching live TV. To change this:

A screenshot of the Sky Q preferences page in settings, showing the maximum number of recordings being changed from 5 to 6

  1. Go to Settings, then Setup, followed by Preferences.
  2. Change the Maximum number of recordings to 6.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to restart your Sky Q box.

By changing this setting, you'll lose the live channel preview functionality in the Mini Guide and the Sky Sports split screen feature. To re-enable these features, change the maximum number of recordings back to 5.

How to keep a recording

There may be times when you want to save your favourite programme from accidental deletion, to do this, you can mark a recording with Keep.

To do this, simply select the recording you want to view, using the smart action button, press right on your remote control and you will then see a Keep option, if you select this, and you accidently select if for deletion, you will see a confirmation box at the top of the screen, asking if you want to delete this recording.

enter image description here

If have multiple recordings of a series, if you want to select an individual episode, you will need to play this episode, then press Dismiss, then using the left right arrow, press until you see Keep.

If you want to set a Keep on all recordings for a new series you can do this from the Schedule of that programme, so all new recordings will have a keep.

Recordings of shows can still be deleted from Sky, even with if they have been marked as Keep, for instance where we no longer have the broadcasting rights for a particular show.

Not sure which Sky Q box you have? Check out our help guide to find out.