Poor or no signal with Sky Mobile

Sorry you're having problems. Let's try and get this fixed.

Mobile phone signal can be affected by things like:

  • Bad weather.
  • The thickness of the walls or ceilings of the building you’re in.
  • How many people near you are trying to use their phones at the same time - like when you're at a football match or a concert.
  • Switching between different phone masts
  • Being on the edge of a signal coverage area

Plus, sometimes your phone can just pick up a poor connection, which affects the call quality. If that's happened, hang up and re-dial.

What are you having problems with?

Need more help?

For data problems, try updating your settings.

For anything else:

  1. Try the troubleshooting steps for your device.
  2. Select your device make and model, then scroll down and select Fix a problem.
  3. Select the issue you're having and follow the instructions.

Our advisors use the same steps too. They're easy to follow and help to fix most problems.

Useful info

If you can, connect to Wi-Fi to get online.  With Sky WiFi you can get free and unlimited Wi-Fi in thousands of popular places across the UK.